parade by

parade by (someone)

to march past someone in a parade or as if in a parade. The soldiers paraded by the commander in chief. Looking quite sharp, they paraded by.
See also: by, parade
References in classic literature ?
They marched him back to the parade by the way they had brought him, and there they halted, among a body of soldiers, at least twice as numerous as that which had taken him prisoner in the afternoon.
He faintly sniffed the atmosphere of a certain sort of seaside town that be did not specially care about, and, looking ahead along the parade by the sea, he saw something that put the matter beyond a doubt.
Santa will kick off the parade by flying overhead in a Glendale police helicopter.
It is in this light that questions about the historical 'shape' of Irish-American identity and its constituent factors can be asked of the parade by historians, and highly suggestive answers given: ritual is in part the performance of identity, and the historian can 'get inside a group's head' with some certainty if he or she focuses on ritual enactments of self.
Mondavi will be joined in this year's Parade by San Francisco dignitaries including Mayor Willie L.
Cheers rose for the Los Angeles Police Department's Motorcycle Drill Team, which opened the parade by gunning their bikes along the route.
He will be joined in the Parade by the three 2002 Honorary Grand Marshals: San Francisco Police Commissioner Angelo Quaranta; Vincent Tummino of the New York Fire Department (FDNY); and Sgt.