paper trail

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paper trail

Physical or digital documentation of a person's activities. The con artist wrote fraudulent checks all over the state, leaving a paper trail for police to follow. Frank swore that he wasn't using the company's computer for illegal activities, but the digital paper trail he left proved otherwise.
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*paper trail

Fig. a series of records that is possible to examine to find out the sequence of things that happen. (*Typically: have ~; leave ~; make ~.) The legal department requires all these forms so that there is a paper trail of all activity.
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a paper trail

A paper trail is written evidence of someone or something's activities. Police investigations found a paper trail of checks that were written on false bank accounts. Unlike conventional voting systems, many electronic systems leave no paper trail to allow results to be double-checked.
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A total of ` 3000 crore is required to set up the EVMS with paper trail option, but the way things are proceeding, it would take another 150 years, Chidambaram submitted.
In October 2013, the SC had directed the EC to introduce paper trails as allegations were being made from time to time that EVM machines were prone to tampering.
Alicia Pierce, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State's office, which oversees elections, said adding paper trail backups to voting machines wouldn't be something her office could decide to do on its own.
The focus of tribunal proceedings is consequently moving away from the witness evidence to the paper trail.
Paige Goff, Vice President of Sustainability and Business Communication said, Since first introducing The Paper Trail in 2011, our thinking has continued to evolve regarding what sustainability encompasses .
Zena Hadley, senior relationship manager at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank's West Midlands Business Centre said: "We are delighted to be able to help The Paper Trail to maintain and develop this important historical attraction.
Holt would require some of the states that still do not have paper trails to put them in place for the 2008 presidential election.
As Oregon's secretary of state from 1991 until 1999, my job included oversight of elections, and I certainly agree with the importance of a paper trail.
Congress is aware of these types of voting discrepancies and that failure by the states to implement paper trails, some form of auditing, and voter registration clean-up could result in Congress' using its constitutional authority to refuse to seat a member in a questionable election.
With that in mind, following bipartisan support at July's Representative Assembly, NEA President Reg Weaver has written to officials in every state urging them to ensure a paper trail in all elections and also audit 3 to 5 percent of the votes.
Alito's 15-year paper trail of judicial opinions will give opponents ammunition to use against him.
But his victory doesn't fix some of the essential problems with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail or the dubious central tabulator computers that are as open to hacking as any other personal computer.
Not only that but there are NO plans for a paper trail in the event of a disputed result.
Perlin is adept at excavating the paper trail we leave behind us every day--a true vernacular--and watching a computerized receipt for a purchase of Chinese note cards form itself before us immerses us in the ubiquity of the generic and the hidden implications of the mundane.