pant for

pant for (someone or something)

To have a strong desire, yearning, or need for someone or something. It is more evident than ever that the people of this nation are panting for a strong, iron-willed leader who is not afraid to put their needs first. It's a gorgeous house, but it's really panting for some repairs and refurbishments.
See also: pant

pant for someone or something

Fig. to desire or long for someone or something. My heart is panting for you! I am just panting for some interesting news.
See also: pant
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With your adjusted pattern in hand, choose your favorite color and make a trouser in heavy cotton, a cropped linen or pique pant for warm weather, a tapered pant in denim or cotton sateen, a lined wool straight leg dress pant and a narrow silk shantung pant with a side slit for evening.
Each design provides a coordinated look between the shirt and pant for a great looking team package.