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Having a baby with a pant instead of a diaper makes it much easier for the parent to "save" the pants, by taking the baby quickly to the potty before the diaper gets soiled.
Part of it is loyalty to a flattering pant, she says, though it's not as exciting as a cool printed shirt or expensive-looking necklace.
Pant acted as a negotiator during the Telangana agitation in the 1970s and played a key role in reaching an agreement called ' Mulki Rules', which gave prominence to recruitment of locals and ended the agitation.
We see pants as the next 'it' item," agrees Colin Dyne, CEO of William Rast.
This pants malarkey is such a brow-beetling conundrum that it could even tax - ahem - an ancient Chinese philosopher: Is a pair of trousers in singular or plural form?
FOR me, there is just no question, boy pants are the only option.
It is considered to be the most well-made protective hockey pant on the market costing between $120 to $280.
The pant is crafted from koi's signature cotton blend and is offered in a wide array of colors, perfect for the summer season.
Lululemon's recall on its batch of sheer yoga pants is costing the company in more ways than one.
TAKE a short cut to this summer's sizzling new look and pull on some sexy hot pants for the latest in ultimate cool.
The coach jacket comes in six different color combinations, the trainer and scout jackets come in eight solid colors, and a matching pant comes in a taffeta crinkle with mesh and taffeta lining and seven different color.
Michner, now president of the Edison Menswear Group, had plans to place an order on a new kind of trouser - the parachute pant.
Just in time for the holiday season, Go Free([R]) pants for women debuts its versatile grey and black plaid pant featuring its patent-pending design, which replaces the cross seam with a smooth cotton panel sewn directly into the pant, making panty lines a thing of the past.
Purple Pants is nicknamed at Santa's elf school because he wore his torn, patched old purple pants to school, not wanting to be late.