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I dropped the waistband 2" at center front, which helped, but I'll need to do a pattern adjustment before making the pants again (and wear longer shirts with this particular pair).
It's not the pant itself, it's what happens around the pants -- a sliver of the midriff showing on top, great shoes or accessories that you'll talk about -- but you remember where you got your favorite pair of pants,'' Nasr says.
Advanced age is a factor; older dogs seem to pant more than younger dogs.
And that's what's new about pants this go-around: Pretty much anything goes.
Anemia, a condition in which there aren't enough red blood cells to deliver adequate oxygen to the body, can cause pets to pant.
This pants malarkey is such a brow-beetling conundrum that it could even tax - ahem - an ancient Chinese philosopher: Is a pair of trousers in singular or plural form?
FOR me, there is just no question, boy pants are the only option.
For many Sisters, pants evoke power: They're all about feeling strong and confident in a world where some still consider working women inferior.
The Tackla hockey pant was developed in Finland 15 years ago, but Coffey acquired the rights to manufacture it in North America and Japan in 1990.
The breathable Kenai pant welghe in at 8 ounces and sports full-length zippers on the cropped legs for easy boot removal.
Much of what differentiates pant styles from one another is the leg shape, the details of the waist treatment and the style of entry.
As a fashionable lady, you have to create a new chic outfit with the wide leg trousers and palazzo pants.
The Norwegian men's Olympic curling team is making a splash at PyeongChang with their un-athletic-looking, flashy and colorful pants in the preliminary rounds.