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He said that his company exports clothes, mainly pants, to European countries however for the last six months their clients had complained of receiving less quantity of products.
Two days ago, Pant sportingly babysat for Paine's children during the Australian Prime Minister's reception.
Dr Pant and Swati's relation soon transcended the realm of studies.
You do not have to be concerned with mean little green creatures from Mars anymore, however, if you are a diaper manufacturer, you should be very concerned with the coming invasion of the baby pants. Baby pants are similar to baby diapers, except they do not need to be fastened.
Known for his persuasive skills and erudition, Pant, son of freedom fighter and Congress leader Govind Ballabh Pant, made a mark as a national leader.
Dogs may pant in order to get sufficient oxygen into their systems at high altitude.
The families of those living at Pant yr Eithin are furious at the proposals and last Friday a protest banner was unfurled on the walls of Harlech castle.
"We see pants as the next 'it' item," agrees Colin Dyne, CEO of William Rast.
* Anemia, a condition in which there aren't enough red blood cells to deliver adequate oxygen to the body, can cause pets to pant.
The company has also expanded its Pull-Ups Training Pants with Learning Designs with new Disney graphics that fade when wet.
It might be the pant de jour of choice for lapdancers and Page 3 girls, but thongs are also perfect to give the everyday woman a bit of naughtiness.
"The versatile Camo Zip-Off Pant is part of Wrangler's new Rugged Wear line, clothing that's tough but comfortable.
"To an untrained human ear, it sounds much like a pant, `hhuh, hhuh,'" says Patricia Simonet of Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe.
Chanel designs two-piece pant suit, of polyamide and cotton, with shawl collar, one-button jacket, hip-hugging pants and double-chain, wrapped belt.
Most of the systems are unisex in basic design, but a few manufacturers are beginning to design gender specific products, such as one pant system with a built-in fly for men.