panic by

panic (one) by (doing something)

To do something that causes one to experience an extreme or debilitating amount of fear or anxiety. Forecasters panicked millions of people by incorrectly predicting the path of the hurricane. I think you panicked him by bursting out the door like that.
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panic someone by something

to make someone lose control by doing something. She panicked Denise by describing the event too vividly. She panicked her horse by jerking the reins too tightly.
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Kids' corner BYELEANOR LECOMBER, AGE14 Panic by Lauren Oliver Panic is very similar in plot to the Hunger Games but I preferred this book as it's slightly more realistic.
Richard Schabas, a former minister of health for Ontario, has accused provincial officials of not analyzing SARS data properly, and causing unnecessary panic by overreacting when the disease was confined to hospitals.
A Sacramento city councilman tried to quell panic by bravely chewing a ceremonial Granny Smith apple from the store's produce section in front of reporters.
Do not add to your panic by thinking about what "might" happen.