pander to

pander to (one)

To cater to those with base, vulgar, or undesirable tastes or opinions, specifically with the intent of gaining their favor. The movie definitely panders to those only interested in blood, guns, and explosions. The candidate is in a bit of hot water after accusing his opponent of "pandering to the lowest common denominator" of voters.
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pander to someone or something

to cater toward undesirable tastes or people with undesirable tastes. All your writing seems to pander to persons with poor taste. You are pandering to the moral dregs of society.
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pander to

To cater to or indulge someone's lower tastes or desires, especially in order to win his or her favor or gain an advantage: This bawdy television show panders to people with sophomoric senses of humor.
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References in classic literature ?
As it rarely happens that public opinion, in its whimsical flights, does not identify a principle with a man, thus the people saw the personification of the Republic in the two stern figures of the brothers De Witt, those Romans of Holland, spurning to pander to the fancies of the mob, and wedding themselves with unbending fidelity to liberty without licentiousness, and prosperity without the waste of superfluity; on the other hand, the Stadtholderate recalled to the popular mind the grave and thoughtful image of the young Prince William of Orange.
I cannot forgive myself, and shall never pander to the Man of Wrath's wishes again.
But he hasn't borne the Roman yoke as I have, nor yet he hasn't been required to pander to your depraved appetite for miserly characters.'
As for the artists, they merely pander to the little less than ignoble tastes of the Plutocracy.
Capital movement influenced by globalization, they write, "can provide politicians with opportunities to pander to the public and take credit for new investment....
But it sure will sound good enough to pander to the poorest of the poor for their votes.
"Candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he's even invoked gun-toting action movie characters," Meyers said, playing a clip of Trump referencing old movie stars such as Charles Bronson to clarify his affinity for weapons. 
Instead what the PMLN govt is doing is creating an unprofessional police force full of Gullus who pander to the PMLN's personal whims and agendas.
Instead what the PMLN government is doing is creating an unprofessional police force full of Gullus who pander to the PMLN's personal whims and agendas.
He said: "We thought how, why, have you made us wait 15 months for this when you know the Home Secretary was using this as a reason for not making a decision on holding a judicial inquiry?" "We did put it to them that they had been doing it to pander to the Home Secretary but they denied it, as you would.
IN response to the letter (June 7) 'Why does council pander to developers?', I would like to make it clear that we do not pander to developers.
Hathaway and Franco were appointed hosts at the traditionally stuffy ceremony to pander to youth but, with her blackeye make-up, Hathaway looked like she was pandering to pandas.
"You can either confront race hatred or pander to it, as they are doing by having only white faces on their material."
He said: "They pander to very tired archetypes of gay men and are just a continuation of John Inman and Larry Grayson.
ALL politicians pander to their constituents at election time, but President Karzai's pandering to the Shia clerics takes electioneering to a new low.