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pander to (one)

To cater to those with base, vulgar, or undesirable tastes or opinions, specifically with the intent of gaining their favor. The movie definitely panders to those only interested in blood, guns, and explosions. The candidate is in a bit of hot water after accusing his opponent of "pandering to the lowest common denominator" of voters.
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pander to someone or something

to cater toward undesirable tastes or people with undesirable tastes. All your writing seems to pander to persons with poor taste. You are pandering to the moral dregs of society.
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pander to

To cater to or indulge someone's lower tastes or desires, especially in order to win his or her favor or gain an advantage: This bawdy television show panders to people with sophomoric senses of humor.
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at 1306 ("[T]he law does not require the pandered material to contain any particular content nor, in fact, that any 'purported' material need actually exist.").
In the event, the visitors did not need any help from Robinson for their second as Pander finished off an intricate three-pass move by belting what proved to be the winner into the top corner.
Pander, 21, of Creswell was at the party with his brother, Garrett Charles Petersen, and seven of their friends when Ledbetter opened fire in what police have called a random act of violence.
"Trump's ham-fisted attempts to pander to gun owners were apparently enough to sway the NRA, which announced its endorsement of him Friday," said Meyers.
He claimed prominent lesbians on TV did not "pander to lesbian stereotypes" and called for TV chiefs to commission shows with a wider selection of gay comedy talent.
The goalkeeping conundrum will occupy McClaren's mind for most of the next 17 days, although there was little Robinson could have done to keep out the sweet strike from Christian Pander which ultimately gave Germany their win.
There was no denying the quality of his finish after Micah Richards had capped a thrilling solo burst by slipping a pass inside Pander to provide Lampard with the chance to flash home his 13th England goal.
GERMANY: Lehmann, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Lahm, ' Odonkor (Hilbert 54), Schneider ' (Castro 90), Hitzlsperger, Pander, Trochowski (Rolfes 72), Kuranyi.
Old Firm fans think we support the other side and everyone outside of Glasgow thinks we pander to both.
In an angry exchange, Asian gap year student Dean Velani, 18, accused the Tory leader of "shambolic opportunism to pander to Middle England".
"So we created an environment that didn't pander to the obvious," said Rozzi.
Regionalism is the opposite of the new global market order, which attempts to homogenize the world to ensure the success of giant international corporations which in the name of serving consumers, actually pander to the lowest common denominators of function and sensibility.
She refuses to pander to those who want her to cover up.