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(as) flat as a pancake

1. Physically squashed or flattened. I forgot that I had a muffin in my bag, and it's flat as a pancake now. My model of a volcano is as flat as a pancake now that you've sat on it!
2. euphemism, rude Having very small breasts. Don't worry if it takes a little longer than usual for yout chest to develop. I was flat as a board until I was nearly 16!
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be (as) flat as a pancake

slang To be physically squashed or flattened. I forgot that I had a muffin in my bag, and it's flat as a pancake now. My model of a volcano is as flat as a pancake now that you've sat on it!
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*flat as a board

 and *flat as a pancake
Cliché very flat. (Also used to describe someone's chest or abdomen, referring to well-developed abdominal muscles or small or nearly absent breasts or pectoral muscles-in either sex. *Also: as ~.) Jane was flat as a board until she was sixteen, when she suddenly blossomed. Lucy can mash an aluminum can flat as a pancake with one blow from her heel.
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flat as a pancake

Extremely level, especially too much so. For example, There are no hills; this terrain is flat as a pancake. This simile dates from the 1500s and has survived its contemporary, flat as a flounder. It is sometimes used, either disparagingly or ruefully, to describe a small-breasted woman.
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flat as a pancake

If something is as flat as a pancake, it is very flat. There was barely a breeze and the water was as flat as a pancake. Could he really put up interest rates now? With the economy flat as a pancake and the housing market in crisis?
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flat as a pancake

completely flat.
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(as) flat as a ˈpancake

(informal) completely flat: There are one or two hills in Norfolk, but otherwise the landscape is as flat as a pancake.
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flat as a pancake

Exceedingly flat, sometimes excessively so. This simile has been around since the sixteenth century, appearing in Nicholas Udall’s translation of Erasmus (1542) and Henry Porter’s play The Two Angrie Women of Abington (1599, 2.3). Morever, it survived and replaced the equally old flat as a flounder and is still frequently used today, often in deprecating fashion to describe a woman’s lack of mammary endowment.
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