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be (as) flat as a pancake

slang To be physically squashed or flattened. I forgot that I had a muffin in my bag, and it's flat as a pancake now. My model of a volcano is as flat as a pancake now that you've sat on it!
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*flat as a board

 and *flat as a pancake
Cliché very flat. (Also used to describe someone's chest or abdomen, referring to well-developed abdominal muscles or small or nearly absent breasts or pectoral muscles-in either sex. *Also: as ~.) Jane was flat as a board until she was sixteen, when she suddenly blossomed. Lucy can mash an aluminum can flat as a pancake with one blow from her heel.
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flat as a pancake

Extremely level, especially too much so. For example, There are no hills; this terrain is flat as a pancake. This simile dates from the 1500s and has survived its contemporary, flat as a flounder. It is sometimes used, either disparagingly or ruefully, to describe a small-breasted woman.
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flat as a pancake

If something is as flat as a pancake, it is very flat. There was barely a breeze and the water was as flat as a pancake. Could he really put up interest rates now? With the economy flat as a pancake and the housing market in crisis?
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flat as a pancake

completely flat.
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(as) flat as a ˈpancake

(informal) completely flat: There are one or two hills in Norfolk, but otherwise the landscape is as flat as a pancake.
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1 The pan Invest in a non-stick pan, as it means perfect pancakes without adding oil or butter.
OF course the best bit about pancakes is eating them - but there are loads of fun family things you can do on the day too.
From their small coffee shop in Stourbridge the creperie team bring pancakes in different flavours, including sugar and fresh lemon, white chocolate and Oreos, tarte tatin and the Victoria special with Nutella, banana, strawberries and white chocolate.
Make up the gravy and drizzle on the pancake before slicing the sausages in half and layering them on top.
SAUSAGE AND MASH PANCAKE MAKE your pancake batter as above and fill them with a real home comfort favourite of bangers and mash home comfort favourite of INGRED 200g mashed potato 6sausages 1 tbsp gravy granules NGREDIENTS 200g mashed potato 6sausages 1 tbsp gravy granules Caccording to instruction and prepare the mashed potato (if making it from scratch, allow it to cool before adding to the batter).
Kathryn Lowe, Marketing Manager, said: "We love Pancake Day here at AGA and we want our customers to share our enthusiasm too, it's a fun day that should be celebrated and we hope that the infographic will give people some pancake inspiration.
Top the pancake with a good squeeze of lime and a pinch of chilli flakes, then roll them up and drizzle all over with white icing (you can even add a dash of tequila to the icing for extra kick).
Cook for two minutes, turn or flip the pancake over, and cook for a further minute.
The Original Pancake House Denver encourages adult supervision of young participants during both recipe creation and recipe submission on Facebook.
Jan Boers of Abra-ca-Debora pancakes in the Netherlands says: "We were so happy to introduce our ready-made pancakes to Britain last year and we are sure that this new typically Dutch snack pofferties will also catch on in the UK, especially as they are delicious, easy to eat and heat and made with ingredients you would use at home.
If making Shrove Tuesday pancakes has you in a dither, take a tip from 2009 Masterchef Mat Follas, owner of Dorset's The Wild Garlic restaurant.
Place the pancakes onto four warm plates and top with an equal amount of salmon, avocado and rocket leaves.
And if they are bored of making the same-old fairy cakes or cookies, Pancake Day provides the perfect opportunity for little ones to try something different.
Pancakes are among the simplest and yet most satisfying desserts around, and this week is the perfect excuse to get the frying pan out and cook up a batch -- March 8 is Shrove Tuesday, or as it's known in the UK, pancake day.
Travel Business Review-December 20, 2010--IHOP Restaurants Offer Free Pancakes to Celebrate National Pancake Day(C)2010] ENPublishing - http://www.