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Private First Class Palooka battled a German U-boat single-handedly, aided British intelligence, and fought with the Allied forces in North Africa.
So this seems the occassion to present the most ambitious fragment: a long poem titled Palooka, written in 1986, as a kind of extended jazz riff of sextalk.
De Haven's novel will be a romp for cognoscenti who can pick out the bits of historical and biographical fact that make up the novel's fictional bricolage, as fragments of comic-strip creators such as Rube Goldberg and Harold Gray emerge at different points, while "Joe Palooka" artist Ham Fisher appears in proper persona.
Palookaville combines both the fairy-tale motif and the neorealist goal of depicting bleak times to make its point: Poor people, even would-be criminals, lead hard lives, and sometimes a dose of magic is needed to transform a palooka into a hero.
Dawson is such a palooka that he's a huge underdog in his next fight - against Solange Knowles.
"On Sunday mornings a man would go to all the pubs along Netherfield Road selling American broadsheet comics like Tarzan of the Apes, Joe Palooka, and Little Orphan Anne.
If I'm in the hung parliament, which looks increasingly likely, I'll vote to keep Brown in power - though on condition that he starts acting like the Brown Bomber Joe Louis rather than Primo Carnera, the big palooka with a glass jaw and no heart.
The original "Rocky" was one of 25 movies named to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress last week--providing a timely reminder of the durability of Sylvester Stallone's punchy palooka saga just as the latest chapter headed into its second week at the B.O.
Even comic strip heroes--Joe Palooka, Buzz Sawyer, and Mickey Finn--went to war because their creators knew children never would respect them otherwise.
Comics Cartoon heroes such as Captain Marvel and Joe Palooka fighting the enemy sent powerful propaganda messages to children.
You my be cute, Palooka, but let's get something straight, I'm queer, yet too complacent to be cruising anyone not actively pursuing me, equally.
Then there was the bitter feud between Capp and Joe Palooka" cartoonist Ham Fisher that sometimes spilled into their features.
Stallone is lovingly referred to by the Razzie organisers as the "Balboa Bozo" in honour of his numbing performances as Rocky Balboa, the palooka and the "all- time Razzie champ".
QAm I right in remembering a series of films about a boxer called Joe Palooka back in the 40s?
Falling somewhere between Bruce Springsteen's "The Hitter" and "The Wrestler," Costello weaves his impeccable storytelling skills to tell the tale of a punch-drunk palooka called back into the ring on the leadoff track, "Down Among the Wine and Spirits." In a song that could be renamed "O, Mickey Rourke Where Art Thou?," Costello's rootsy, hands-on treatment gives a stinging authenticity to this bruised knuckles, battered ego and broken dream saga.