palm (something) off (on one) (as something else)

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palm (something) off (on one) (as something else)

To discard something unwanted by giving or selling it to one (under the pretense of it being something else). There are always guys palming off cheap watches as Rolexes in this part of town. She tried to palm the hardest part of the assignment off on me as some kind of special challenge. Don't palm your chores off on me—I have my own to do.
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palm someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)

 and pass someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something); pawn someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)
Fig. to give someone or something to someone as a gift that appears to be someone or something desirable. (As if the gift had been concealed in one's palm until it was gotten rid of.) Are you trying to palm that annoying client off on me as a hot prospect? Don't palm off that pest on me. Please don't pass that problem off on me as a challenge. Don't pass it off on me! Don't pawn it off on me as something of value.
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palm off

Pass off by deception, substitute with intent to deceive, as in The salesman tried to palm off a zircon as a diamond, or The producer tried to palm her off as a star from the Metropolitan Opera. This expression alludes to concealing something in the palm of one's hand. It replaced the earlier palm on in the early 1800s.
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palm off

To get rid of or dispose of something by fraud or deception; fob off: The crooked merchant palmed off a lot of fake diamonds before being caught. Someone tried to palm some old coins off on me yesterday, saying they were rare and valuable.
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palm someone/something off

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palm someone/something off (on someone)

tv. to transfer some unwanted person or thing to another person. Don’t palm her off on me. I don’t want her.
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palm something off

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palm something off (on someone)

tv. to succeed in spending counterfeit money; to succeed in cashing a bad check. (Underworld.) Max palmed four phony twenties off in less than an hour.
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She told jurors at Newcastle Crown Court about contacting the police: "She says she felt as if she was palmed off. She was asked the question 'what do you want to do about it'.
As it was, Ryan Taylor was the cruel fall guy on a day Newcastle proved why they should not be patronised or palmed off by anyone this season - the champions included.
PALMED OFF: Given leads the hand-ball protests in Paris SLO BURNER Given fears Slovakia will be as hard as Russia
The second in a run of four films on the channel featuring the hugely talented Eddie Murphy, this corking comedy sees him play African Prince Akeem who, refusing to be palmed off with a bride he doesn't love, travels to the US in search of his dream girl.
But, and I hesitate to say this for fear of being verbally chastised by mums throughout the city, do they really want the sort of stuff that's palmed off on them year after year: the ever-so-slightly-limp supermarket flowers from the adult child; the hand-mad eat- school card with 'I love my mumy' picked out in - already falling off - glitter from the eight-year-old?
Selkirk footballer Billy Brawley, 22, from Blantyre, was duped out of more than pounds 1,000 wages then palmed off with a cheque for pounds 7.50.
This is unfair because dyslexia should be recognised as a disability and not palmed off as a language problem.'
SIR - Through the decades Wales and her people have suffered appalling levels of poverty, being palmed off with mere bread crumbs from the dinner table of Labour and Tory Westminster Governments.
Never will it cross a parental mind that they are exposing children to spiritual and physical danger, palmed off as entertainment and acceptable "because it's on the telly".
The expenditure on schools in England is out of control, yet they have kept their high and unmerited spending while university students are palmed off with a lifetime of debt, and subject tuition is slashed to only those subjects that the Coalition thinks are cost-effective.
He's 2-1 with Hills to be palmed off with pounds 1million or less and 8-1 to get more than pounds 5m.
My son insists it is his and gets furious when I tell him not to be palmed off with another man's kid.
Benitez's gamble paid off when Lucas's injury-time shot was spectacularly palmed off the line by Phil Neville who became the second Everton player to be sent off.
It's nice to see human error can disrupt TV's normally slick exterior but we have been palmed off with time filling shows like this for too long.
We're palmed off with "it's financial" but allowing a few more metres wouldn't break the bank.