palm off

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palm (something) off (on one) (as something else)

To try to get rid of something by giving or selling it to someone under the pretense of it being something else. There are always guys palming off cheap watches as Rolexes in this part of town. She tried to palm off the crappy assignment on me as some kind of special challenge.
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palm someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)

 and pass someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something); pawn someone or something off (on someone) (as someone or something)
Fig. to give someone or something to someone as a gift that appears to be someone or something desirable. (As if the gift had been concealed in one's palm until it was gotten rid of.) Are you trying to palm that annoying client off on me as a hot prospect? Don't palm off that pest on me. Please don't pass that problem off on me as a challenge. Don't pass it off on me! Don't pawn it off on me as something of value.
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palm off

Pass off by deception, substitute with intent to deceive, as in The salesman tried to palm off a zircon as a diamond, or The producer tried to palm her off as a star from the Metropolitan Opera. This expression alludes to concealing something in the palm of one's hand. It replaced the earlier palm on in the early 1800s.
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palm off

To get rid of or dispose of something by fraud or deception; fob off: The crooked merchant palmed off a lot of fake diamonds before being caught. Someone tried to palm some old coins off on me yesterday, saying they were rare and valuable.
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We are sending a clear warning to all evaders: if you know you are watching TV illegally, don't try to palm off TV Licensing.
Posters have been put up in the window and inside the shop, warning people not to try to palm off stolen goods.
It's been there from his first try for Wales as he broke away from a line-out and seemed to palm off half the French team, thundering towards the line.
During the foot and mouth crisis he tried to palm off his father-in-law as a beleaguered farmer when in fact he was a peer who owned the village where he farmed.
But while health authorities from all over Britain recognise the benefits, the North Wales Health Authority palm off men who are in despair and who have nowhere else to go.
Agencies will often try to palm off their responsibility as the workers' employer.
Nor are you just intending to palm off another man's child on someone else, you're also depriving the child him or herself of any opportunity to get to know their real father or for that father to have any relationship with his own child.
Good-looking girls have always hooked up with ugly mates, first to make them look bet ter, second to palm off on me.
I also believe we should be helping faith-based groups to carry out their work by giving them the support they need, although we should not palm off on to them work the government should be doing.
You know the sort of stuff they palm off on you on a Saturday, convincing you that you'll look so much more different.