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cast a pall on (something)

To cause a happy occasion to be sad or somber. The headmaster's sudden death really cast a pall on graduation.
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cast a pall over (something)

To cause a happy occasion to be sad or somber. The headmaster's sudden death really cast a pall over graduation.
See also: cast, over, pall
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Two accessory mechanisms are also suggested to be involved in MCS, one involving nitric oxide and the other peroxynitrite:nitric oxide inhibition of cytochrome P450 activity and peroxynitrite-mediated increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) (Pall 2002b; Pall and Satterlee 2001).
Photos and additional information about the Pall Aria system can be found at www.
The study presented to the ISBT tested the Pall eBDS on 662 red blood cell samples that had been inoculated separately with twelve different bacteria strains.
The Pall system can be used to harvest cells from a broad range of biological samples including peripheral blood, bone marrow and umbilical cord blood.
Pall products are used by many of the leading cord blood transplant centers in the U.
Entegris is seeking a preliminary injunction asking the Court to move expeditiously to stop Pall from manufacturing, selling or offering to sell its PhotoKleen(TM) EZD-3 Filter Assembly and other infringing products.
By providing total fluid management solutions, these new technologies will help drug companies improve the speed, safety and efficiency of the entire development and production process," says Ken Frank, President, Pall BioPharmaceuticals Global.
The Pall-Aquasafe showerhead filter enables clinicians to send a measure of hospital-quality protection home with their seriously ill patients, who will now be able to shower safely without risk of infection," said Joseph Cervia, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Global Medical Director, Pall Corporation.
The NBS has always been on the leading edge in blood safety measures and we are pleased to be able to provide them with state-of-the-art technologies to help fulfill their core purpose to save and improve patients' lives," says Allan Ross, President of Pall Medical.
Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) announced today that its Board of Directors has elected Lisa McDermott, 40, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, effective immediately.
In order to be an effective barrier to bacterial and viral transmission, the breathing filters must respond to a variety of potential routes of transmission, both airborne and liquid," says Joseph Cervia, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York and Medical Director of Pall Corporation.
The studies were conducted and authored by Samuel Sowemimo-Coker, PhD, Principal Scientist and Technical Director, Pall Medical in collaboration with scientists from the New York Institute for Basic Research, one of the world's leading prion research centers.