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cast a pall on (something)

To cause a happy occasion to be sad or somber. The headmaster's sudden death really cast a pall on graduation.
See also: cast, on, pall

cast a pall over (something)

To cause a happy occasion to be sad or somber. The headmaster's sudden death really cast a pall over graduation.
See also: cast, over, pall
References in classic literature ?
We had reached Pall Mall as we talked, and were walking down it from the St.
It was a quarter-past seven when we left Pall Mall, and my watch showed me that it was ten minutes to nine when we at last came to a standstill.
It was almost dark before we found ourselves in Pall Mall, at the rooms of Mr.
This is what she does: sets sail for Pall Mall, wearing all her pretty things, including the blue feathers, and with such a sparkle of expectation on her face that I stir my coffee quite fiercely.
and when one day she walked down Pall Mall without gradually posting a letter I was most indignant.
I had turned out of Pall Mall into a side street, when whom should I strike against but her false swain
The careless glance of a lounger on the pavement of Pall Mall filled him with a sudden anger.
In something less than two minutes she had left it again by a back entrance, stepped into another taxicab which was just setting down a passenger, and was well on her way back towards Pall Mall.
The banker strolled slowly along Pall Mall and passed through the portals of an august-looking club.
In a very few moments it was necessary for Elaine to scramble to her feet, pick up her cloth of gold coverlet and pall of blackest samite and gaze blankly at a big crack in the bottom of her barge through which the water was literally pouring.
Far in the forest, dim and old, For her may some tall vault unfold -- Some vault that oft hath flung its black And winged pannels fluttering back, Triumphant, o'er the crested palls, Of her grand family funerals -- Some sepulchre, remote, alone, Against whose portal she hath thrown, In childhood, many an idle stone -- Some tomb fromout whose sounding door She ne'er shall force an echo more, Thrilling to think, poor child of sin
Hence the one provokes and incites the most languid appetite, and the other turns and palls that which is the sharpest and keenest.
Pall Corporation is the global leader in the rapidly growing fields of filtration, separations and purification.
found that Pall lied to its customers about the performance of its products.
This call will be webcast and can be accessed on Pall Corporation's web site at www.