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(13) He was lying down now and his face shone palely out of the gloom of the lower bunk like that of some animal in its hole.
The mystery of the knight "palely loitering" has now been elucidated.
The turkey itself was insipid of flavour and spongy of texture, lying palely in a puddle of gloopy gravy that tasted so artificial that - had it been a person - it might well have been a contestant in one of the trashier reality TV shows.
The jockeys look cold, though, palely pared down to the bone and a flimsy fancy jacket, although Ian Mongan shows how hard he is by not wearing gloves.
A case in point from Women in Love--"a sequel to The Rainbow, though quite unlike it" (2L 606)--is Rupert Birkin, whose identification with Pan is intimated by caprices like his impromptu dance before Ursula in the chapter "Water-Party": "And in another second, he was singing softly to himself, and dancing a grotesque step-dance in front of her, his limbs and body shaking loose, his face flickering palely, a constant thing, while his feet beat a rapid mocking tattoo, and his body seemed to hang all loose and quaking in between, like a shadow" (WL 168-69).
He lay there, his chest rising and falling, the both us noticing what by then was apparent, that one of his hands was not there, one of his feet missing as well, the arm ending palely at the wrist, there being no obvious wound or blood, the ankle the same blank paleness.
Oh what can ail thee, knight at arms, Alone and palely loitering ?
But Lambro is nostalgic, so this evolutionary inevitability knocks the wind from his returning sails: He enter'd in the house no more his home, A thing to human feelings the most trying, And harder for the heart to overcome, Perhaps, than even the mental pangs of dying; To find our hearthstone turn'd into a tomb, And round its once warm precincts palely lying The ashes of our hopes, is a deep grief Beyond a single gentleman's belief.
There I was, lone and palely loitering, when four men appeared out of the undergrowth.
If we can take it in its transience, its breath, its maybe Mephistophelian, maybe palely Ophelian face, the look it gives, the gesture of its full bloom, and the way it turns upon us to depart ..." we will have been faithful to it, and not simply to our own projected egos.
Coleman, his face gleaming palely under layers of sunblock, is genuinely offbeat enough to have ands wondering, along with Cusack, whether the kid actually arrived from another planet, yet also achingly vulnerable and perceptive enough to overcome the script's facile schmaltz.
(37) The neoplasm is composed of cells with centrally placed, oval to fusiform nuclei with inconspicuous nucleoli and palely eosinophilic cytoplasm embedded in a prominent myxoid stroma.
"Under the blazing sun of money, all other values shine palely, and the hero is the honcho with the condo and the limo and lots and lots of dough." (2)
"[T] hrough his deeply troubled treatment of race, his suggestion of class conflict, and his intimation that the project of paternalism lay rotting at the core, Simms palely foreshadowed the very subjects Faulkner would illuminate seventy-three years later." There is some comment on George Fitzhugh and Henry Hughes.
But it's the mist that makes the magic, resting palely on the water's surface - its wisps weaving blankets for the pond skaters to shelter under and reaching upwards to sheath the surrounding trees in lemon gauze.