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All of these on-field hurdles have paled next to the pain Zimmer has endured in his personal life.
The audience of 3.5 million, in a nation of 65 million famed for its high level of political engagement, paled next to the eight million who watched a similar Hollande appearance in the same evening spot in late 2014.
Marching workers slowed traffic near some airports, but the demonstrations paled next to the protests that roiled Brazil last month, when more than a million people took to the streets to demand better public services and an end to public corruption.
However, all those paled next to the real high point.
The theatrics on the floor Thursday paled next to the battle that played out last session as lawmakers confronted historic budget woes.
His clumsy, soulless retread paled next to the 1981 original, which was distinguished by the artistry of Ray Harryhausen's stunning stop-motion monsters.
His clumsy retread paled next to the 1981 original, which was distinguished by the artistry of stunning stop-motion monsters.
Describing himself as a "young 32", Lee said the money and dazzle of Twenty20 and one-day cricket still paled next to his deep affection for Tests.
Britain was the first major country in the region to publish GDP data for the period and, even if the fall paled next to the first-quarter drop of 2.4 per cent, it prompted some economists to question how fast things will normalise there.
The square-cut styling paled next to contemporary rivals such as the futuristic Honda Prelude and the Opel Calibra but the benefit now is that doesn't look out of place these days and the solid VW build quality means that, with a bit of care, mega mileage is quite achievable.
Tony Green must have wanted a hole in the ground to open up and swallow him as cohost Sarah Cawood bumbled her way through presenting a sport she clearly knew bog all about, though even their Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood (pictured) routine paled next to the call by the numptie producer who chose to go to an ad break mid-leg.
The demeanor of his attorney, Bruce Hotchkiss, paled next to the energetic courtroom performance of Ruiz.
But even Crowe's gladiatorial antics paled next to Bono at the Grammys.
Disney's "Just Visiting," the English-lingo take on French smash "Les Visiteurs," tanked; "Point of No Return" paled next to its predecessor, "La Femme Nikita"; and biz for Miramax's dubbed version of "Life Is Beautiful" was ugly.
Covers of John Fogerty's Rockin' All Over The World and Lulu classic Shout swelled the feelgood factor, but paled next to the highlight encore of Wanted Dead Or Alive and more recent It's My Life.