pale beside

pale beside (someone or something)

To be or seem less important, impressive, or otherwise deficient when compared to someone or something else. All of my siblings are surgeons, so I always feel like my career in art pales beside theirs. Our work pales beside the things our predecessors created.
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pale beside someone or something

Fig. to appear to be weak or unimportant when compared to someone or something. He is competent, but he pales beside Fran. My meager effort pales beside your masterpiece.
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ˈpale beside/next to something


ˈpale in/by comparison (with/to something)


ˈpale into insignificance

seem less important when compared with something else: Last year’s riots pale in comparison with this latest outburst of violence.
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But they pale beside the substance of fundamental recognition that accommodates what Abiola sought: good governance that would in turn deliver the good things of life to the ordinary citizens.
Filmmakers and producers have warned that, given the limited appeal of the 'Magic Eight,' the returns from the festival are bound to be paltry and will pale beside the totals raised in previous years.
However, the double standards which have applied in the UK political sphere do tend to pale beside those of EU officials.
All three bills pale beside the 2011 pipeline bill that contained many new regulatory mandates for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), a significant number of which have not been completed.
All three bills pale beside the 2011 pipeline bill which contained many new regulatory ma ndates for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), a significant number of which have not been completed.
Several hundred thousand refugees and migrants from war-torn or impoverished parts of the Middle East and Africa have reached Europe this year, but those numbers pale beside the almost 4 million in Syria's neighbours Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
The sum will pale beside amounts spent on recruitment in other industries but, given the shortages trainers are experiencing now, it is a welcome boost to the BHA-led effort to establish racing as an attractive career choice within which there is a potential to progress and be well remunerated, contrary to popular perceptions.
And Tesco's losses pale beside the biggest annual loss in UK corporate history, Royal Bank of Scotland's PS24.1billion in 2008.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- This year's New Year celebrations in China's Beijing were pale beside previous years as the huge led screen which is Asia's biggest, wasn't set up national stadium of the capital city.
The numbers pale beside the 70,000 deaths in Syria as reported by the United Nations.
Theatrical play will pale beside the pic's ancillary afterlife, although "Lords" isn't potent enough to rule in either realm.
"If [Cee] died because some arrogant, evil doctor sliced her up, war memories would pale beside what [Frank] would do to him," Morrison writes.
They might get anxious about liberal criticism of Israel, but this anxiety tends to pale beside their abhorrence of the Christian right."
The bad news, as Time notes, is that "whatever long-run deficits [are] project[ed] for Social Security will pale beside those expected for sister program Medicare"