pale as a ghost

(redirected from pale as death)

(as) pale as a ghost

Exceptionally pale, as due to nausea or fear. I get terrible motion sickness, so I'm sure I was as pale as a ghost when I stumbled off the plane. She was pale as a ghost after that car nearly ran into her on the sidewalk.
See also: ghost, pale

*pale as a ghost

 and *pale as death
very pale. (*Also: as ~.) Laura came into the room, as pale as a ghost. "What happened?" her friends gasped. What's the matter? You're pale as death!
See also: ghost, pale
References in classic literature ?
The poor girl, pale as death and trembling in all her limbs, wished to delay her lover; but Milady, with her ear on the watch, had heard the noise D'Artagnan had made, and opening the door, said, "Come in."