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cat's pajamas

Something or someone highly enjoyable, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Tom's new Cadillac is really the cat's pajamas! Boy, that singer last night was the cat's pajamas, wasn't she?
See also: pajama

the cat’s ˈwhiskers/pyˈjamas

(informal, often ironic) the best person, idea, thing, etc: She thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers.
See also: pyjama, whisker

the cat's pajamas

A terrific thing. This was a nonsensical phrase of the 1920s that meant something worth seeing or having. A similar phrase was the “cat's meow.”
See also: pajama
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But in her Instagram post, she wrote that the pajama sets were her present for "every one of my grandchildren," confusing her fans.
Our friends brought pajamas to donate to The Pajama Program this year.
I think it's because it's such a simple idea--it's making sure these kids have pajamas and books.
In an outlet in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward, a female customer found a 3-centimeter needle in the chest of a pair of pajamas March 15.
The survey also revealed that after a long day, almost one-quarter (24 percent) of the respondents said they look forward to changing into pajamas or comfortable clothing, as many as those who look forward to enjoying a meal or quality time with the family (26 percent).
Kajamaz one-piece pajamas are available as footed pajamas or non-footed jumpsuit pajamas, known as Go-Jamz.
During the past six months, nine companies have recalled sets of children's clothing, including five recalls for pajamas alone.
She contacted social service agencies in Boston to find out where the need was greatest, and soon was collecting new sets of pajamas for residents at the Bridge Over Troubled Waters shelter.
The rapid distribution of thousands of pajamas in fewer than seven days underscores that.
Customers who arrive dressed in pajamas can eat for $9.
Travelers can pick up a hip pair of pajamas for themselves or as a gift for that special someone.
com)-- Big Feet Pajama Co, the premiere manufacturer of footed pajamas for men, women and children, today announced that they have donated over 200 footed pajamas to the Gig Harbor-based charity, A Place Called Hope.
The Pajama Program, an international children's charity that provides new pajamas to needy and abused youngsters, announced that it will honor Jacky Teplitzky, an executive vice president at Prudential Douglas Elliman, at Work Life Matters Magazine's Third Annual Awards Gala, where the charity is being recognized as the "Top Non-Profit Organization.
In addition to library funding and volunteer efforts by Prolifics, all students at Lafayette Academy will receive a new pair of pajamas (and books for the library) courtesy of the Pajama Program, whose mission is to provide new, warm pajamas and books to needy children nationwide.
com)-- Chris Birdy is proud to announce the release of her novel, "The Girl in Black Pajamas.