a pair of hands

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a pair of hands

A person who is able to do some kind of task, especially physical work. We'll need another pair of hands to lift this down the stairs. If you need a pair of hands to help out, just let me know. Hey, are you busy? We could use another pair of hands to move out these boxes.
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pair of hands

a person seen in terms of their participation in a task.
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a pair of ˈhands

(informal) a person who can do, or is doing, a job: We need an extra pair of hands if we’re going to finish on time.Colleagues regarded him as a safe pair of hands (= somebody who can be relied on to do a job well).
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References in classic literature ?
A dozen pairs of hands were at the sled-lashings, when the young Le Barge Indian, bending at the same task, suddenly and limply straightened up.
He seemed to have two pairs of hands and a head of cast-iron, for, not content with blowing through a big conch-shell, he must needs stand up to it, swaying with the sway of the flat-bottomed dory, and send a grinding, thuttering shriek through the fog.
The Prince hesitated, and then up went two pairs of hands. The gun had surprised them both completely.
80-90 pairs of hands of our volunteers we wouldn't be able to provide the level of support that we do to visually impaired and disabled people.
Store manager Hellen Davis said: "We really could do with a few extra pairs of hands. The team we have has been working very hard and I'm sure it would be a real boost for them to see a few fresh faces as we move towards the official opening."
* SAFE PAIRS OF HANDS: Alex Smithies with Karen Tomlinson, left, and Andrea Denton (S)
"The women being talked about all have vast experience and are seen as safe pairs of hands."
A spokesman said: "Extra pairs of hands make an incredible difference to the work SWT can achieve for the protection and conservation of Scotland's wildlife."
As the Beechdale Nursery School pupil grows, she will continue to need two pairs of hands per year until she reaches 18.
And it is a fact of life that the safest pairs of hands are likely to be the ones with most experience.
"Simply by succumbing to a corset laced by two determined pairs of hands, I gained hourglass hips, a polite, newly arrived bosom and a wiggle that Marilyn Monroe would have been proud of!"
The Rookery in Cottage Lane, Ormskirk, has passed through several pairs of hands since the owners died and left it to their milkman.
A vineyard is looking for extra pairs of hands to help pick this year's grapes.
Four Hands focuses on pairs of hands ostentatiously worrying each other; the anguished writhing of the two figures in Silent Mountain would probably be unwatchable in real time.
Cracking up completely, I watched as many pairs of hands, mine included, began the pinning process.