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Pairings run the gamut from one-on-one to group pairings.
Once a sommelier or beverage director has a better appreciation for the unique experience beer pairings offer, they can extend this knowledge to the staff and ultimately to the customer.
Art and poetry integrated into a single piece, art and poetry submitted as the paired works of one or more artists, and art or poetry submitted for pairing with another work will be considered for showing.
The results pointed to the presence of d-wave symmetry, but they couldn't unambiguously rule out an additional contribution from s-wave pairing (SN: 3/9/96, p.
I love pairing a classic Dow's Vintage Port with 'Point Reyes Blue' cheese -- the sweetness of the Port contrasts well with this cheese's savory flavors.
To shed some light on the mechanism responsible for electron pairing, researchers have performed a wide range of experiments on high-temperature superconductors.
SOUTHLAKE, Texas -- Air Jamaica, Frontier Airlines, Mesa Air Group, Spirit Airlines, Skyservice Airlines and Atlantic Southeast Airlines have joined the growing list of carriers that have chosen to deploy the Sabre AirCrews Pairing Optimizer on the Linux operating system, a freeware operating system that can run on a desktop, to reduce crew-related costs.
In conventional superconductors, this pairing results from the coordinated interaction between electrons and vibrations of the crystal lattice through which the electrons move.
EDITOR NOTE: Photos, a History of Beer & Cheese, Pairing Suggestions, Beer & Cheese Serving Basics, and Trivia are available to download at www.
Yet any new Watson-Crick base pair would also require its own exclusive pattern on hydrogen bonding to prevent unwanted pairing between a new base and a standard base.
Champagnes are a terrific complement to many cuisines, so the true romantic may want to consider a special dinner for his or her Valentine, pairing a different Champagne with each course.
2007) The Ryder Cup: Are balancing four-ball pairings optimal?