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Base pairing complementarity in polymerase reactions
Other factors, such as polarity, electrical repulsion, and hydrophobicity between pairing bases, and minor groove interactions with polymerases, should also be considered when creating unnatural base pairs.
Pairings run the gamut from one-on-one to group pairings.
In the LPD, meetings involving the coordinator and advisory team occur whenever needed to address pairings and to respond in a timely manner to protege needs.
However, Grove's second pairing of Cullimore and Bricklebank took the honours giving a Grove a first round lead of 4-2.
Match Game Revisited -- Although most of us know by now that the most successful pairings of wine and food come from simply drinking the beverages we like with the foods we like, there is actually a synergy between these two partners in culinary crime.
Once a sommelier or beverage director has a better appreciation for the unique experience beer pairings offer, they can extend this knowledge to the staff and ultimately to the customer.
Researchers performed a number of experiments aimed at detecting d-wave pairing. The results pointed to the presence of d-wave symmetry, but they couldn't unambiguously rule out an additional contribution from s-wave pairing (SN: 3/9/96, p.
To shed some light on the mechanism responsible for electron pairing, researchers have performed a wide range of experiments on high-temperature superconductors.
The IBM results may shed light on the particular type of pairing that occurs between two electrons in a high-temperature superconductor.
(2007) The Ryder Cup: Are balancing four-ball pairings optimal?
Sensitivity to such pairings in the visual world provides babies--by 9 months of age--with a foothold for learning to recognize all sorts of items, propose Jozsef Fiser and Richard N.
Explicit recall of object pairs tended to go along with accurate memories of having watched or performed object pairings.