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According to Alex Brown Research, "The primary benefit to the paired and stapled REIT structure [is] the elimination of potential conflicts of interests, with ancillary benefits, including the elimination of "leakage," [and] the ability of the management team to be actively involved in property-level operations.
Our experience, as well as that in literature, suggests that paired donation can help a large number of patients on the waiting list who initially present with an incompatible donor," says Steven Katznelson, M.
Steaks, roast beef, and prime rib are better paired with the likes of the "new generation" American pale ales or a traditional Burton-style ale; both have heavy duty malt and cedar notes equivalent to the weight of a Cabernet.
The Worthington wrap dress paired with a wide belt and simple peep toe pump says chic and modern.
Many researchers use the term "divorce" for paired birds that separate or fail to reunite during the next breeding opportunity.
Chicago prefers a "classic" look -- jeans paired with a crisp
Last year, Zhi-Xun Shen of Stanford University and his collaborators used this technique, known as photoemission spectroscopy, to determine the binding force between paired electrons in six high-temperature superconductors, including yttrium barium copper oxide.
The X and Y cannot exchange DNA like the 22 pairs of non-sex chromosomes in humans or the paired X chromosomes in women.
Jay Melosh of the University of Arizona in Tucson to analyze paired asteroids.
5 million of newly issued Meditrust paired common shares at a price of $32.
When a material becomes a superconductor, current-carrying electrons behave as if they were paired, even though electrons at close quarters repel each other.
24, 1997--Meditrust (NYSE:MT), the nation's largest health care real estate investment trust (REIT), and The Santa Anita Companies (NYSE:SAR), a paired share REIT, jointly announced today that Meditrust Acquisition Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meditrust, has purchased 1,255,076 newly issued paired Santa Anita common shares for $38,907,356 ($31 per paired share), satisfying Meditrust's obligation under its merger agreement with The Santa Anita Companies to purchase 9.