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paint (something) with a broad brush

To describe or characterize something in very general, vague, or broad terms, ignoring or neglecting to include specific details. When asked about how she would stabilize the economy, the candidate painted her plan with a broad brush, resorting to vague claims about creating jobs and getting people back to work.
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paint the lily

To add embellishment to something that is already beautiful or outstanding. The phrase comes from Shakespeare's King John: "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily ... is wasteful and ridiculous excess." My wife is so gorgeous that putting her in a fancy gown would just be painting the lily. Why add a filter to your photo of the rainbow? No need to paint the lily.
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be like painting the Forth Bridge

To be such an involved or time-consuming improvement process that it never truly ends. The phrase refers to Edinburgh's Forth Bridge, which once required constant upkeep. Primarily heard in UK. Remodeling our house was like painting the Forth Bridge—once we saw how nice one room looked, we had to redo another!
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be no oil painting

To be physically unattractive. Jack's a nice guy, he's just no oil painting, you know?
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no oil painting

Physically unattractive. Jack's a nice guy, he's just no oil painting, you know?
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paint the town (red)

To go out into a city or town and have an enjoyable time, typically by visiting various establishments, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. After our exams finished, we all decided to get dressed up and paint the town red. A: "I was thinking I might go to a museum or the library." B: "Wow, you're really going to paint the town red, huh?"
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paint (one) black

To make someone appear evil, malicious, or ill intentioned. He argued that the film was edited to paint him black, taking his statements out of context and mixing them with ominous music. Though he's been painted quite black by the media, in person he's actually a very pleasant guy.
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paint the black

In baseball, to pitch the ball in such a way that it travels over the edge of the home plate and results in a strike. Their pitcher was amazing, painting the black from the beginning of the game right through to the very end.
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no oil painting

If you say that someone is no oil painting, you mean that they are not attractive. I started seeing a guy who was no oil painting but wonderfully bright and interesting.
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no oil painting

not very attractive. British informal
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be no ˈoil painting

(British English, humorous) used to say that a person is not attractive to look at: He’s no oil painting but he’s a marvellous actor.
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be like painting the Forth ˈBridge

(British English) if a job is like painting the Forth Bridge, it is so big that by the time you get to the end you have to start at the beginning again: Cleaning a house this size is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge. As soon as I’ve finished it’s time to start again!
The Forth Bridge is a very big bridge over the river Forth in Edinburgh.
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paint the black

Baseball To throw a pitched ball over the edge of home plate for a strike.
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