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paint card

slang In poker, a face card (a jack, queen, or king). Don't go putting up big bets just because you got a couple paint cards early on in the game. They could be totally useless if you're unlucky on the flop.
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the paint

slang In basketball, the rectangular area directly beneath and in front of the basket, ending with the free-throw line. Officially known as the free throw lane. He's scored more points in the paint than any other NBA player this season. We've got to keep working the ball to the paint.
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1. n. a tattoo. (The same as ink sense 3) When dya get the new paint?
2. n. tattoos in general; the amount of tattooing on someone’s body. (The same as ink sense 4) He’s got paint covering his back!
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Comes clear and in colors; paintable. Provides superior flexibility for joints susceptible to movement.
The third grade is a paintable mold release for parts to be painted, plated or hot-stamped.
The surface is paintable, impervious to water and mold- and mildew resistant, and unzips for cleaning and access overhead.
SAVE: PS10 Paintable blown wallpaper string design, Wickes.
B&Q's Duchess Paintable baths, below, from pounds 729, could be a way to introduce a favourite shade.
Plus it's paintable, so you can use it around doors and windows.
Internal frames need to have a water-based, paintable sealant to fill the gap between skirting boards, door and window frames and picture rails.
Once dry, it is paintable, sandable and stainable, and it repels/deflects water.
Exterior parts produced with MoldWiz INT-33CRS were still easily paintable, according to the company.
It offers the elegant look and smooth, authentic grain of Honduran mahogany, with complementary door and sidelite designs, new glass styles and a paintable, stainable surface.
Fiberglass, which does not dent or warp, can look like wood or smooth-skin paintable steel.
The company's LightStyles division, which supplies decorative fixtures to home centers, added traditional-style glass halogen fixtures, aluminum pendants and an expanded array of paintable ceramic pendants, flush-and semi-flush mounted ceiling fixtures, sconces and a paintable halogen torchiere.
Use indoors and out on wood, metal and paintable plastics, like furniture and doors.