paint onto

paint (something) onto (something)

To use paint to create a particular, picture, pattern, or design on something or some surface. Can you paint a big dinosaur onto Timmy's wall? He loves dinosaurs. I'm going to paint a cool fire design onto the side of my car.
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paint something onto something

 and paint something on
to apply a design or picture to something, using paint. Joel painted the portrait onto a large sheet of plywood. He painted on some leaves and flowers too.
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Climate change protesters threw red paint onto the Brazilian embassy in London on Tuesday to demonstrate against damage to the Amazon rainforest and what they described as violence against indigenous peoples living there.
The mural took about six months of planning and nearly a week to paint onto the wall.
Flick the icing freestyle over the top of the blondies, like an Expressionist artist throwing paint onto a canvas.
With a dry brush, dab some white paint onto the tops to look like snow.
"Customers have told us they find value in both the classroom segments that provide technology overviews and the practical sessions, where they participate in such activities as applying paint onto panels in a spray booth."
Students can roll ink or paint onto the gel plates, remove portions of the ink, then press with paper to create a monotype print.
I stood abruptly and began rifling through Francis's paints and brushes, and picked up an old palette board and squirted globules of paint onto it.
But there is so much more to the story, besides the one society tends to paint onto those with disabilities.
This new nail makeover set includes a buffer coat that you paint onto your own nails before applying the falsies on top.
Synopsis: "Tapestries of Life's Poetries" is an impressive compendium of poetry by the late Anthony Urzia who puts words and phrases onto paper the way a Renaissance artist put paint onto canvas.
There's just no more efficient way to deliver paint onto a surface, and for most pros, every minute saved is money in the bank.
Riot police used tear gas to disperse protesters who lobbed projectiles and threw paint onto Nantes' city hall, set fire to construction vehicles and vandalized the offices of Vinci, the project's contractor.
The heat and velocity dispensed from the Learjetaircraft's engine blends and welds the paint onto the canvas, resulting in unusual abstract paintings.