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paint card

slang In poker, a face card (a jack, queen, or king). Don't go putting up big bets just because you got a couple paint cards early on in the game. They could be totally useless if you're unlucky on the flop.
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the paint

slang In basketball, the rectangular area directly beneath and in front of the basket, ending with the free-throw line. Officially known as the free throw lane. He's scored more points in the paint than any other NBA player this season. We've got to keep working the ball to the paint.
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1. n. a tattoo. (The same as ink sense 3) When dya get the new paint?
2. n. tattoos in general; the amount of tattooing on someone’s body. (The same as ink sense 4) He’s got paint covering his back!
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The Paint-Savers re-usable air-free paint storage container comes with a special label that enables keeping an exact record of the type of paint being stored.
3 Wiggle into corners Wiggling the brush a little bit helps the paint release into tight corners.
* Overall paint value market is estimated at 26,040 INR Crs for FY 2011-12.
"It provides a solution for everyone - to take back the paint itself, and turn it into other paint that people can use."
The paint pigment in off paint is suspended in the solvent.
Now you are ready to paint the surfaces you have prepped.
What did it mean at the start of the '90s to show a picture claiming to be 100 percent "obsessed," "spiritual," and "painted"?
On the next page, you can see me, at three different ages, with my favorite painted image, the butterfly.
In fact, the model used in that study also included paint lead and paint condition as variables.
By pouring a constant stream of paint directly out of a can, he produced a continuous trajectory, a web of crisscrossing trajectories, filled with energy and motion and reminiscent of organic shapes, trees, woods, designs of increasing complexity--nature's fingerprint as seen from his back porch in East Hampton.
- Reduces CO2 emissions during paint manufacture by 8.8 tons per year.
Viewed in cross-section, the paint can be seen to contain round silica particles 4 microns to 8 microns in diameter that were mixed with red pigments known as lakes.
A gallon of latex-based paint generally covers 350 to 400 square feet.
Contained in this bill is a presumption that in a building built before 1960, where a child under seven years of age resides, any peeling paint is presumed to be lead paint.
Yellow paint, NSN 8010-00-900-3648, has been the paint of choice for years.