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painful on the eyes

1. Visually unpleasant. Yeesh, this site's dated design is pretty painful on the eyes. The sloppy CGI makes for a movie that is downright painful on the eyes.
2. Excessively bright. I'm going back for my sunglasses—the sunlight's pretty painful on the eyes. The brightness on this monitor is painful on the eyes—how can I adjust it?
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painful silence

1. A silence that unnerves one. After I critiqued the project, the boss didn't respond right away, so I had to sit in painful silence and pray that I wouldn't get fired. The painful silence that follows the words "We need to talk"—ugh, is there anything worse? They might as well just come right out and say, "I want to break up with you."
2. An absence of meaningful conversation, engagement, or acknowledgement (with or from someone) that is upsetting or distressing. There has been a painful silence from the government regarding recent discrimination against our people.
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