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Alice can usually be counted on to respond to any suggestion that Kramer is a pain in the ass by saying, "Yes, but he's our pain in the ass.
There are the guys who are sexy but have nothing to talk about and are a pain in the ass about a woman's career, or the men who are gung-ho about your profession but make you feel they're more interested about who you are than what you are.
He added: "She's a pain in the ass, but I love that about her.
need to become an extra pain in the ass to the people who want to oppress us, but not by doing it separately or even in small groups.
My character - the mother - is kind of a pain in the ass, who makes everyone nuts, except she's the one who really holds the family together.
However, the modern skate adventure involves such high-tech photography requirements and heavy production slant that the metro/skating method is really more of a pain in the ass and not much like those "skateboarding=freedom" essays you read about in SLAP.
Not Bridget Jones for a new generation, more first class pain in the ass.