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hand in (one's) dinner pail

euphemism To die. If they invent a hoverboard before I hand in my dinner pail, I'm definitely going to try it, no matter how old I am.
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hand in your dinner pail

die. informal
A dinner pail was the bucket in which a workman formerly carried his dinner; compare with kick the bucket (at kick).
See also: dinner, hand, pail
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Macaranas said her sister may have tripped and fell face first into the pail and never got up.
If you use a large-diameter pail with a follower plate/gasket designed for the smaller-diameter pail, leakage past the gasket can be a concern.
He drilled a hole in the center of the bottom of the pail and through the circle.
e two-storey shop has stood empty since the familyrun Pails stopped trading in August 2008 and has been subject to a number of bids to breathe new life into the property.
Our paint consultant just dumps a little bit into the paint pail each time he refills and then mixes it up.
We changed to ExxonMobil ICP PP resins for injection molded pails because of the leakage, transportation and aesthetic problems we experienced with metal pails.
Air port departure timing, we have to deliver from Rawalpinid to Pail Padhrar, Khushab, but the subject news do not reach to our area Telenor Towers installed at Padhrar don't work properly.
When we have to empty the ashes from our top loading heater we can push the coals into the far end, rake the pail we use through the ashes to half fill it, and then finish topping off the pail using a scoop.
has added two new countertop pail designs to its kitchen compost line.
The pilot program, operated by the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County, the Village of Barrington and the village's solid waste contractor Groot Industries, will offer kitchen pails and corn-based pail liners for food waste collection.
Leominster is the largest of four Plastican plants and is believed to be the biggest open-head (injection molded) pail production facility in the U.
ONCE upon a time, there were two young frogs who jumped into a pail of cream in a farmyard.
VersaPail bulk melters only melt the top surface of the adhesive, allowing the remaining material in the pail to stay solid, thus reducing thermal stress and protecting bonding characteristics.
He hopped up on the cow's back, but his wife walked beside him, so she could carry their milking stool and pail.
Whoever did it would quickly be put beyond the pail.