pay heed to (something)

(redirected from paid heed to)

pay heed to (something)

To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give (something) ample or due consideration. You'd best pay heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past. Pay heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about.
See also: heed, pay

pay heed to someone

to listen to and accommodate someone. You had better pay heed to your father! They are not paying heed to what I told them.
See also: heed, pay

give/pay ˈheed (to somebody/something)


take ˈheed (of somebody/something)

(formal) pay careful attention to somebody/something: They gave little heed to the rumours.I paid no heed at the time but later I had cause to remember what he’d said.
See also: give, heed, pay
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Had the government paid heed to the matter, Naqeebullah would not be killed in a fake encounter.
Had the PPP sincerely paid heed to the development of Karachi, it would have turned it into the best metropolis of the world.
Locals protested against FESCO authorities and said that complaints of short-circuiting electricity pole were lodged a number of times at local sub divisional office of FESCO but none paid heed to the issue.
While conversing with a private TV channel Thursday, the victimized Pakistan nationals said that they had contacted the embassy concerned in Saudi Arabia but no one paid heed to their issue.
He said that the encroachers were time and again asked through court orders to vacate the land but they did not paid heed to the notices.
Reports have also claimed that Jones' death could have been prevented if the filmmakers had paid heed to Hurt's warning.
Until the mid-1980s, few medical researchers paid heed to sexual and cultural differences when designing clinical trials.
This material also constantly surprises us by intersecting with the art of the later twentieth century, a time when few paid heed to what Dali was up to, as was the case with the now-rediscovered late work of Picabia and de Chirico.
Having paid heed to Michael Fish's cold front, Trudie Styler and Sting turn up expecting a blizzard.
They said the concerned quarters including deputy commissioner, district Nazim and elected representatives of the district have been requested many time but no one paid heed to their demand.
And, since it's created by pop-culture deconstructionist Kevin Williamson, there is in fact a ``Murder, She Wrote'' reference in tonight's premiere episode, uttered by a character far too young to ever have paid heed to that show.
The deadline was not paid heed to then and the metropolitan still struggles with cleanliness issues.
The Secretary Water and Power Younis Dhaga told committee that the KESC received Rs250 billion from the federal government in term of subsidies and it never paid heed to the government's orders whenever it was asked for audit.
Or, perhaps, they paid heed to what Franklin himself once wrote of great people: ``All would live long, but none would be old.
He cited the past 60 year history of Pak-American relations, whence America had never come forward to assist its ally in times of real need; while Pakistan has paid heed to help calls of America, specially during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.