pay (one) a compliment

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pay (one) a compliment

To compliment one; to give one a piece of praise. It took me a little while to realize that he was paying me a compliment. It isn't often she pays her employees compliments, so you should really feel proud.
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pay someone compliment

Fig. to give someone a compliment. Tom paid Bill a compliment when he told him he was intelligent. Mary was very gracious when Anne paid her a compliment.
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pay a compliment

Express praise or commendation to someone, as in Meredith wanted to pay Christopher a compliment so she told him she liked his new haircut . This expression uses pay in the sense of "give something that is due." [c. 1700]
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Speaking after the visit, GEmez was full of praise for Aspire Academy and paid compliments to Qatar for the way it has gone about developing sport in the country.
Speaking after his visit, Gomez was full of praise for Aspire Academy and paid compliments to the nation of Qatar for the way it has gone about developing sport in the country.
Conference paid compliments to Fakhar Zaman, late Dr Satinder Singh Noor and Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh who have been continuously working for the promotion of Punjabi language and culture since 1986.
It paid compliments to World Punjabi Congress chairman Fakhar Zaman, the late Dr Satinder Singh Noor and Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh for their work for the promotion of the Punjabi language and culture since 1986.
On behalf of Islamabad Rugby Jinns Raja Shahzad paid compliments and special thanks to DG Pakistan Sports Board for his great support to promote the game and the respective sponcers Service Tyers and Hashoo Group for their ceaseless commitment in helping us taking Rugby to the next level in Pakistan.
And like they did during the last outing when they paid compliments to the talents of Rotimi by making his play come alive on stage, the students under the direction of Gboyega Jerome, again, didn't drop the ball.
He paid compliments to police and Frontier Constabulary, which he said stood by state and law.
The Governor State Bank of Pakistan Ashraf Mahmood Wathra during his visit to the opening a Standard Chartered Branch paid compliments to the Bank for pioneering the best-in-class digital capabilities in the Pakistani industry.
Young, a former Media Wales telesales employee, was reported as having paid compliments to teenage females, asking their ages and saying he was 17.
ERDOGAN VISITS PAKISTAN-1: Speaking at the Pakistan-Turkey Business Forum on Monday, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pointed out the historical alliance between the two countries and paid compliments to the
With several events called-off, namely at Crosland Heath and Fixby, the Meltham captain Adrian Ashworth paid compliments to head greenkeeper Sam Wardill, chairman Andrew Westacott and the rest of the team for the fantastic efforts in getting the course fit to play in such extreme conditions.
He paid compliments every time one was needed and tactfully disagreed when he had a different opinion.
About a decade ago, when I delivered my very first after-dinner speech, I mistakenly paid compliments to the cook.
BIG Brother star Nikki Grahame has paid compliments to her favourite condiment - admitting she's addicted to ketchup with garlic.
Many commentators have paid compliments to our previous chief, Mr Grange, and I have added my own to an individual who contributed to significant national developments in some of the most sensitive areas of police work.