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* Major content pages are generally kept current, but many linked pages contain outdated information--such as announcements about programs that will "start" in 2004.
All links should bring up the correct pages, the search tool (if there is one) should generate results, and photographs and other graphics should appear properly.
* Redesign text-heavy pages. Many of the pages do not scream "read me" because they are long lists of information.
These studies of the language of users' searches gave direction for developing the vocabulary terms MedlinePlus uses to direct users to Health Topic pages.
When a search engine like or comes to index your site, it uses a simple process that begins on your home page. The process goes like this: Read the page, index the content.
Type in Check Your Order on the orders.asp page. We'll use the Database wizard to modify the existing Food database connection to display the customer orders.
The Green Design page, also available through the Clean Computer Campaign page, defines the concept of eco-labeling, shows pictures of the various labels in use, and provides guides to and comparisons of the growing number of eco-labeling programs for computers in Europe.
But that's the envelope editorial pages should be pushing.
The solution was obvious: develop and implement an international training management web page hosted on the DISAM web server.
As more Web sites are created using dynamic Web pages to serve their content, the Internet's ability to deliver that content in real time is decreasing.
The Creative Destruction of Manhattan, 1900-1940, by Max Page, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 303 pages, $27.50
What the new applications do is shift the development, from flat and static web pages to dynamically composed pages.
To accomplish this, the site uses WikiWikiWeb technology (developed by Ward Cunningham), which allows for fully editable Web pages to be created and posted in real time on the Web.