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pad (one's)/the accounts

To make one's financial accounts appear more successful, stable, or secure than they really are, as by fraudulently concealing losses or by reporting false profits. Once the company's fraud came to light, it was quickly discovered that they had padded their accounts for years. Mark had taken to padding his accounts in the company to hide the losses from his husband's excessive spending habits.
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pad (one's)/the expense account

To make unnecessary or fraudulent charges to one's company expense accounts for one's personal use. Have you been padding your expense account, Johnson? You're going to have to explain some of these mysterious out-of-state charges.
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pad (something) out

To fill something with cheaper or unnecessary material in order to make it appear fuller, larger, or longer. If the movie were about 30 minutes shorter, it would have actually been an exciting little action flick—unfortunately, they decided to pad it out with this completely useless love story. He padded out the costume with tissue paper to make it look more like a pumpkin.
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pad down

To arrange to sleep some place, especially on a temporary basis. I'll just pad down at my brother's apartment while I look for a place to live. Where are you padding down while you're in town?
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pad the bill

To inflate the charges made to someone for some product, meal, or service by adding extra, typically unnecessary or unwanted items or fees. Their website is really easy to use, but I hate that they pad the bill with so many fees and charges right at the very end. Don't let them pad the bill with extra services you don't want or need.
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pad down (some place)

Sl. to make one's bed somewhere, usually a casual or temporary bed. Do you mind if I pad down at your place for the night? Can I pad down tonight?
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pad the bill

Fig. to put unnecessary or additional items on a bill to make the total cost higher. The plumber had padded the bill with things we didn't need. I was falsely accused of padding the bill.
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pad down

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"We also receive used padding from collection bins located at retail carpeting and flooring accessories stores throughout our operating regions," Trick states.
"The collection bins not only offer their installer and contractor customers a convenient disposal site for used padding, they serve the same purpose for the store's installation teams.
Once Cushion Recyclers receives the used carpet padding, it is bundled or baled and then transported to either a broker or directly to the closest carpet padding manufacturer.
The recycled, or re-bond carpet padding, is formed by combining chopped and shredded pieces of used carpet padding with postindustrial polyurethane foam scrap in different sizes and usually different colors into one solid piece.
Trick says operational efficiency is critically important for carpet padding recyclers to maintain profit levels.
To achieve that, we need to compress the padding as much as possible and then keep it that way, in dense, neat bales.
The technology of recycling used carpet padding with postindustrial polyurethane scrap foam has created new business opportunities for companies like Cushion Recyclers.
But, as recycling efforts for carpeting and other consumable products improve and move toward the efficiencies of carpet padding recycling, the nation will be able to further conserve valuable material, natural resources and landfill reserves.
Foam scrap and used re-bond carpet padding can be put through its recycling process eight to ten times before it loses its spring and padding characteristics.
According to the Carpet Cushion Council (, the newly formed carpet padding has the same performance characteristics and benefits as virgin carpet padding, including sound control, temperature insulation, extended carpet life, and improved air flow that helps vacuum cleaners to clean more efficiently.
Other "Bruiser" features include extended pectoral padding, epaulets that are rolled forward toward the greater hitting focus, a velcro fastener on the cantilever straps to minimize detachment, and an outer covering that combines nylon/mesh and storm proof nylon taffeta.