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crash pad

A place where free accommodation is provided on a temporary basis. Because of our spare bedroom, our house has become something of a crash pad for visiting friends and family.
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pad (one's)/the accounts

To make one's financial accounts appear more successful, stable, or secure than they really are, as by fraudulently concealing losses or by reporting false profits. Once the company's fraud came to light, it was quickly discovered that they had padded their accounts for years. Mark had taken to padding his accounts in the company to hide the losses from his husband's excessive spending habits.
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pad (one's)/the expense account

To make unnecessary or fraudulent charges to one's company expense accounts for one's personal use. Have you been padding your expense account, Johnson? You're going to have to explain some of these mysterious out-of-state charges.
See also: account, expense, pad

padded account

A financial account that has been made to appear more successful, stable, or secure, as by fraudulently concealing losses or by reporting false profits. Once the company's fraud came to light, it was quickly discovered that Tom had been keeping padded accounts for years.
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well padded

(hyphenated if before a noun) Of a portly figure; fleshy or fat. I used to be rather skinny in my youth, but when I hit middle age, I grew rather well padded. I fell off my bike this morning, but luckily my well-padded bottom broke my fall!
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on the pad

Accepting bribes. A phrase typically said of police officers. He's made some very uncharacteristic decisions lately, which makes me wonder if he's on the pad.
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pad down (some place)

Sl. to make one's bed somewhere, usually a casual or temporary bed. Do you mind if I pad down at your place for the night? Can I pad down tonight?
See also: down, pad

pad out

Sl. to go to bed or to sleep. Man, if I don't pad out by midnight, I'm a zombie. Why don't you people go home so I can pad out?
See also: out, pad

pad something out

Fig. to make something appear to be larger or longer by adding unnecessary material. lf we pad the costume out here, it will make the person who wears it look much plumper. Let's pad out this paragraph a little.
See also: out, pad

pad the bill

Fig. to put unnecessary or additional items on a bill to make the total cost higher. The plumber had padded the bill with things we didn't need. I was falsely accused of padding the bill.
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crash pad

A free, temporary lodging place, as in The company maintains several crash pads for employees from out-of-town divisions. This expression originally referred to a place affording runaways, drug addicts, and the like somewhere to crash in the sense of "sleep." In time it also was used more broadly, as in the example. [Slang; 1960s]
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pad out

1. To line or stuff something with soft material to make it fuller, puffier, or fluffier: I padded the pillow out with extra down. If you don't like the shape of this coat, we can pad out the shoulders for a fuller look.
2. To lengthen or increase something, especially with something extraneous: The director padded out the movie with several extra scenes so that it would be 90 minutes long. The lazy student wrote a short report and padded it out with useless facts.
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earth pads

n. shoes. (Streets.) Where are your earth pads, girlfriend? You can’t go to town with nekkid feet!
See also: earth, pad


1. n. a place to live; one’s room or dwelling. Why don’t you come over to my pad for a while?
2. tv. to lengthen a piece of writing with unnecessary material. (see also padded.) This story would be better if you hadn’t padded it with so much chitchat.

pad down (somewhere)

in. to make one’s bed somewhere, usually a casual or temporary bed. Do you mind if I pad down at your place for the night?
See also: down, pad, somewhere

pad down

See also: down, pad

pad out

in. to go to bed or to sleep. (see also pad.) Man, if I don’t pad out by midnight, I’m a zombie.
See also: out, pad


mod. plump or fat. He didn’t hurt himself when he fell down. He’s well padded there.
See also: pad

pussy pad

n. a extra seat on a motorcycle, behind the driver. (see also crack-rack.) Most expensive crotch-rockets have a pussy pad.
See also: pad, pussy
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