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gentleman's pact

A legally non-binding arrangement that is guaranteed only by a verbal or mutually understood agreement by the parties involved. Though my father left me his entire estate in his will, I made a gentleman's pact with my brother to share the wealth equally between us.
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sex pact

slang An agreement between two or more people regarding sex in some way. No, I didn't have the clichéd teenage experience—I wasn't sneaking booze or making a sex pact with my friends that we would all lose our virginity on prom night. I want to have sex regularly in my relationship, but I don't want to make a sex pact that we'll do it three times a week or something, and turn it into just another chore or obligation.
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Neither proved to be the case, with a sharp but not historic recession in 2001-03 justifying greater response than the Stability and Growth Pact allowed, and no sign of any investment or productivity boom in those countries whose interest rates dropped upon meeting the Maastricht criteria and entering the eurozone.
But Dr Rajagopal, who works at St Thomas's Hospital in London, said the internet appeared to be creating a new trend in suicide pacts arranged online.
'Alternatively, they might herald a new disturbing trend in suicide pacts, with more such incidents, involving strangers meeting over the internet, becoming increasingly common.
"Every child close to puberty has the right to access a healthy sexual education allowing him to distinguish the lawful from the illicit according to the vision of Islam," states Article 12 of the pact.The pact has received backlash from human rights groups.
With the song, PACT hopes to raise awareness against tobacco consumption at mass level while also generating discourse amongst the grass-tops.
Lajcak was President of the United Nations General Assembly when the migration pact was adopted.
Andrew Osborne-Smith, Regional CEO of Faerch Plast UK & Ireland says: "We are very proud to be part of the WRAP UK Plastics Pact. We see this as an extremely positive step forward and confirms our alignment with the European Circular Economy.
The Election Commission (EC) was previously reported as saying it must approve the use of PKR's logo by all of the pact's candidates, before backtracking on its remarks.
The trade pact can provide the country a new opportunity to ride out the wave of U.S.
Khaniri urged the other NASA principals to put aside their personal interests and support the pact. 'The election was between Uhuru and Raila and if they have decided that the best way to solve the standoff in the country is by dialogue so be it,' he said.
Critics of the TPP, and the process used to draft the pact, argued that the drafting process was too secretive, gave big corporations too much ability to shape the text, and led to the creation of a long, hard-to-understand document that might hurt the interests of the environment, U.S.
The VHA's PACT model is similar to the NCQA's PCMH standards, a widely used standard for PCMH.
Interestingly, while DoT is working on a proposal to allow 3G spectrum sharing under the new licensing regime, it is against 3G intra- circle roaming pact signed by operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular which are operating under old permits.
Summary: Opponents say security pact, ratified by other Gulf nations, will undermine constitutional freedoms in Kuwait.
A SENIOR legislator has lashed out at people who labelled MPs traitors for approving the GCC security pact.