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be packing (heat)

To have one or more firearms, especially handguns, currently on one's person. I wouldn't go near that guy if I were you. I hear he's packing! I make sure I'm always packing heat when I go through this part of town.
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pack heat

To have one or more firearms, especially handguns, currently on one's person. Everyone in that gang packs heat, so I'd steer clear of them if I were you! I make sure I'm always packing heat when I go through this part of town.
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pack on the pounds

To put on weight quickly, especially a large or excessive amount. Wow, Jim really packed on the pounds on while he was on his sabbatical. I'm trying to pack on the pounds so I can make it on the football team this fall!
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pack (someone or something) (in) like sardines

To fit many people or things very tightly or snugly into a small space. We didn't want to take more than one car, so Jeff packed us like sardines in his little sedan for the four-hour drive to Moab. Having a concert in our friends café was such a good idea! Sure, we had to pack people in like sardines, but everyone had a great time. I wish you would just let us buy you a bigger backpack! It makes my own back hurt watching you pack those books like sardines into your little shoulder bag.
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pack a punch

1. Literally, to be able to strike someone powerfully. For such a scrawny kid, George sure can pack a punch—even the older kids are afraid of him!
2. By extension, to have a powerful effect or impact. I don't like spicy food, so I hope this salsa doesn't pack a punch.
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send (one) packing

To dismiss or send away someone rudely or abruptly. When it became clear he was only interested in making a profit for himself, we sent him packing. I was only five minutes late, but the boss sent me packing nonetheless.
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send someone packing

Fig. to send someone away; to dismiss someone, possibly rudely. I couldn't stand him anymore, so I sent him packing. The maid proved to be so incompetent that I had to send her packing.
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pack a punch

Also, pack a wallop.
1. Be capable of a forceful blow; also, deliver a forceful blow. For example, Knowing Bob could pack a wicked punch, they were careful not to anger him, or She swung her handbag, really packing a wallop. [Colloquial; c. 1920]
2. Have a powerful effect, as in That vodka martini packed a wallop. Thomas Wolfe had this figurative usage in a letter (c. 1938): "I think my play, The House, will pack a punch."
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send someone about his or her business

Also, send someone packing. Dismiss someone abruptly, as in They always ring the bell at suppertime, asking for signatures, but I send them about their business , or The owner caught Jack taking small items from the store and sent him packing. The first term, which in effect tells people to tend to their own affairs, was first recorded in 1768; the variant, alluding to telling people to pack their bags and leave, was first recorded in 1594. Also see send away.
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pack a punch

COMMON If something packs a punch, it has a very powerful effect. He is known for designing clothes that really pack a punch. The advert packs a punch with its straightforward, real, no-tricks approach. Note: People also sometimes say that something packs a wallop. Many years after it was made, this movie still packs a wallop.
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send someone packing

COMMON If someone sends another person packing, they tell them very forcefully to leave a place, or to leave their job. The footballer was sent packing after a very public row with the coach. Lowe sent him packing after finding out about his lies.
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pack heat

carry a gun. North American informal
See also: heat, pack

pack a punch

1 be capable of hitting with skill or force. 2 have a powerful effect.
See also: pack, punch

send someone packing

make someone leave in an abrupt or peremptory way. informal
See also: packing, send

ˌpack a (hard, etc.) ˈpunch

1 be able to hit very hard: He’s a boxer who packs a nasty punch!
2 have a powerful effect on somebody: Their latest advertising campaign packs a hard punch.Don’t drink too much of his home-made beer — it packs quite a punch!
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send somebody ˈpacking

(informal) tell somebody firmly or rudely to go away because they are annoying or disturbing you; dismiss somebody from a job: He wanted to borrow money off me, but I sent him packing.They caught him stealing company property and he was sent packing.
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packing a gun

tv. carrying a gun. The crook was packing a gun and carrying a knife in his hand.
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send packing

To dismiss (someone) abruptly.
See also: packing, send
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