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A similar study was carried out by Callejo FJG et al who compared pain and rebleeding in the two types of nasal packing for posterior epistaxis7.
"My feeling and everyone else's is that the odds are zero that another sphere packing beats the Leech lattice or the [E.sub.8] lattice," Ziegler says.
[Septoplasty without postoperative nasal packing. Mucosal repair of the upper airway with human biological glue].
Such circle packings can be described by the curvatures of the first four circles that go into the pattern.
The visualized portion of the tumor was debulked, and the bleeding was controlled (with some difficulty) by postoperative nasal packing. Pathologic examination revealed that the mass was a lobular capillary hemangioma that was marked by extensive ulceration, hemorrhage, and necrosis.
"Somehow the elliptic curve knows where to put in new points on this Barnes-Wall lattice to get a denser packing," Gross says.
Traditional nasal packing methods using Vaseline ribbon gauze or paraffin mesh cause nasal obstruction, sleep disturbance, mouth dryness and adhesions formation due to the mucosal abrasions caused by them.
Clean packing of dust is very time-consuming process, which is connected with tacking-out the packing from apparatus.
Antrum packing not only causes discofort to the patient but also causes physical and psychological trauma especially while removing the pack3,4.
In view of these concerns, Stucker and Ansel (1) questioned the benefits of nasal packing in 1978, and since then, several alternatives to traditional packing have been proposed.
"Anything that can happen will happen if you're in high enough dimensions," notes sphere- packing mathematician Henry Cohn of Microsoft Research in Redmond, Wash.
The first key to guard against packing failure is to select the proper packing.
Ask the supplier to include purchase order numbers on the packing slip.
* High-volume injection molders don't need to tie up their workers with stacking and packing the continuous cascade of parts flowing out of their molds.
It was determined that different case packs were needed for different channels and that packing line flexibility was the key to being able to provide those different pack sizes.