pack (something) away

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pack (something) away

1. To pack something into a container or enclosed space of some kind so that it may be stored or carried for future use. After the dinner party was over, they packed the good dishes and silverware away. I'm packing away my maternity clothes in case we decide to have another baby sometime in the future. I'm sorry, I already packed the toothpaste away for the trip. Isn't there another tube somewhere?
2. To eat a lot of something. Wow, that kids can really pack away the cake! He was so hungry that he packed two sandwiches away in about ten minutes.
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pack something away

to pack something up and put it away. Pack this mirror away where it will be safe. Please pack away this mirror carefully.
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pack away

1. To put something in a container for storage: We packed away the winter clothes for summer. After the trip, I packed my souvenirs away.
2. To fit into a container for storage: The shaving kit packs away easily into your suitcase.
3. To eat a large amount of something: We packed it away at the banquet. The kids really packed away those hot dogs!
See also: away, pack
References in classic literature ?
We never have used my grandmother's many-colored patchwork quilt, handsome as it is, for we Munchkins do not care for any color other than blue, so it has been packed away in the chest for about a hundred years.
All these were duly packed away deep in the traveller's scrip, and above them old pippin-faced brother Athanasius had placed a parcel of simnel bread and rammel cheese, with a small flask of the famous blue-sealed Abbey wine.
Well, a man that is packed away like that is a nut that isn't worth the cracking, there is so little of the meat, when you get down to it, by comparison with the shell.
It was a shabby deal--that's what it was--when he was so healthy and contented, only sixty-one and ready to go on for decades--two or three at least--forced, instead, to prepare to lay himself in a padded box and be hurriedly packed away. It had always seemed so vague, this business of dying, and now it was so personal--he, Martin Wade, himself, not somebody else, would suffer a little while longer and then grow still forever.
and so much good-will, affection, and kindly forethought was packed away in the tempting bundles, that no one could feel offended, but would find an unusual charm about the pretty gifts that made them doubly welcome.
The house was dismantled; the rich furniture and effects, the awful chandeliers and dreary blank mirrors packed away and hidden, the rich rosewood drawing-room suite was muffled in straw, the carpets were rolled up and corded, the small select library of well-bound books was stowed into two wine-chests, and the whole paraphernalia rolled away in several enormous vans to the Pantechnicon, where they were to lie until Georgy's majority.
Then with double care he packed away the books at the bottom of the food-bag.
Now that your items have been packed away safely and securely, it's time to get everything in order ready for the storage unit.
Cardiff council has written to residents in Wern Goch and Chapelwood in Llanedeyrn telling them items such as tables, chairs, trampolines, swimming pools and barbecues in communal areas should be packed away after use.
Although he insists the Liam MacCarthy Cup has now been packed away as Galway's season ramps up, Coen and his colleagues make no apologies for enjoying the off season in the aftermath of their first title in 29 years.
Perfect for keeping your pens and pencils packed away in style this season.
All your bigger materials should be ready to be packed away for easier cleanup.
The 3.5ft long model of a sailing vessel, made in Amsterdam around 1840, will also have to be lowered from its position suspended from the ceiling of the Ship Room to be packed away in a special crate.
THE summer holidays are great fun for kids, but with school uniforms packed away for six weeks, parents will be tasked with lots of extra laundry - 240kg worth to be precise.