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The NikeLab x Kim Jones: Packable Sport Style collection is available now at nike.
But lately he's suggesting a refinement on the concept: a fold-up daypack like the Eagle Creek packable daypack.
This US company's build-to-order rafts are durable, packable, whitewatercapable and available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
Designed to screen out the Florida sun, this pretty and packable straw hat with four-inch brim ($38) is a must-have to filter harmful rays wherever you travel.
Clinical Evaluation of Two Packable Posterior Composites: A Five-Year Follow-up J Am Dent Assoc 2009; 140: 447-54.
There's something for everyone in this very packable book.
Currently, Pakistan has only 25 per cent packable yield of fruit which is lowest in the world considering pack able ratio.
This gives them the opportunity to stay in tune with their classrooms, and it's packable, transportable, and easier to transport than a laptop.
LIGHTEN UP Trade your winter parka in for a light, packable waterproof jacket and sweatpants.
It is also easily packable, because the exterior surface of the rollver rolls along the ground, i.
The challenge is to arrive at a small system that's portable, packable wherever you decide to take it, that can remove harmful micro-organisms and dissolved salts," said Andrew Sabota, a branch project officer for the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.
This easily packable 40-piece shooting platform is ideal for rifle use afield.
Today, most guns come straight from the factory with an accessory rail, and the lights that go on them have never been smaller, tougher, brighter or more packable.
Systematique's vision is to become the biggest provider of quality flat packable mannequins in the world, providing customers with a professional platform to represent and market their brands affordably.
The Extreme Cold Weather System includes a parka, trouser and booties insulated with PrimaLoft and is packable, lightweight, weather resistant, and very warm.