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It's a very realistic looking decoy that's foldable and packable, at about half the price of other realistic decoys," Pettigrew said.
Each product stuffs inside an attached pouch that clips to a hunter's gear, making Slicker the most packable line of shooting accessories on the market.
I mix and match tops and bottoms--they're packable and I always take them when I travel to managers' meetings.
The challenge is to arrive at a small system that's portable, packable wherever you decide to take it, that can remove harmful micro-organisms and dissolved salts," said Andrew Sabota, a branch project officer for the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.
Some of the most recent developments have centred on the provision of the mobile connectivity capability of satcom - on - the - move (SOTM), which can provide greater capability in terms of weight and power than portable and man - packable terminals, while still offering tactical flexibility.
The Navaho tent is portable, packable and easy to put up, with space to store your essentials.
We've added a dip to serve with veggies to start the meal and a great, packable summer salad to go on the side.
Trenton packable jacket in black or British khaki, $245, by swiss army
Unless it's something he can really use like Guidewear or a Dry-Plus Packable Wading Jacket rainwear.
Most packable water treatment systems can now cleanse a quart of water per minute, and filters are good for about 200 gallons of water before cleaning or replacement.
The concept calls for products that are portable, packable and have wheels, such as the company's new sofa and ottoman; and products that are fashionable and usable in different settings.
The White House provides all the simpler creature comforts as well - the packable stuff like washcloths and itty-bitty soaps.
We're delighted to team up with NEMO to equip our Warfighters with better performing, lightweight and packable gear.
It also brought to market a lightweight, packable hammock the friends found indispensible in the jungle.
Oh yes, it's packable and water repellent, as is the Jazz Hat, which has two-inch short-brimmed fedora styling, an interior grosgrain sweatband, and a coordinating grosgrain headband.