pack your bags

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pack (one's) bag(s)

To leave some place or a position (especially one's job) and not come back. Often used as an imperative. They told me to pack my bags after they caught me sleeping at my desk. I've had enough of you, Dan. Pack your bags and get out of my house!
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pack your bags

COMMON If you pack your bags, you suddenly leave where you live or work, or stop being involved in something, usually because of a disagreement. After a huge row she packed her bags and never came back. If things go wrong and our conditions are not met, we will simply pack our bags and leave.
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ˌpack your ˈbags

(informal) prepare to leave a place permanently, especially after a disagreement: He hadn’t paid any rent for three months so she told him to pack his bags.
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Go put on your black dress and pack your bag. I'd give a good deal if I was able to go to my sister's funeral and prove that I've forgotten and forgiven all she said when I was married.
Get the first active servant you can find in the house to pack your bag in ten minutes, take leave of the admiral, and come back at once with me to the London train."
Twitter user Warren Faulkner, posting as @foggyneiinfidel replied: "Great can pack your bags, youre (sic) going home...BYE THEN."
Tell your wife this, pack your bags and get a place of your own so you can take girls you meet at nightclubs to your place.
has a message for Argentina ahead of their quarter-final meeting with hosts Germany on Friday - hit top form or pack your bags for home.
237 - 'Did anybody you don't know help pack your bags?'
A TELLING you to pack your bags would be the sweetest language this man has used in quite some time.
All our Holiday Hypermarket offers will be subject to availability and the terms and conditions printed here, so the quicker you make your mind up, the sooner you can pack your bags and look forward to your Holiday Hypermarket escape to the sun!
And as you reluctantly pack your bags, you'll regret that you couldn't explore more.
Pack your bags and celebrate Turkey Day in style with your favorite cartoon babies.