pack away

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pack (something) away

1. To pack something into a container or enclosed space of some kind so that it may be stored or carried for future use. After the dinner party was over, they packed the good dishes and silverware away. I'm packing away my maternity clothes in case we decide to have another baby sometime in the future. I'm sorry, I already packed the toothpaste away for the trip. Isn't there another tube somewhere?
2. To eat a lot of something. Wow, that kids can really pack away the cake! He was so hungry that he packed two sandwiches away in about ten minutes.
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pack something away

to pack something up and put it away. Pack this mirror away where it will be safe. Please pack away this mirror carefully.
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pack away

1. To put something in a container for storage: We packed away the winter clothes for summer. After the trip, I packed my souvenirs away.
2. To fit into a container for storage: The shaving kit packs away easily into your suitcase.
3. To eat a large amount of something: We packed it away at the banquet. The kids really packed away those hot dogs!
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Pack Away Hunger is a local non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of children and others who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
Once you clear away the tinsel and pine, you need to pack away your credit cards, too.
If you pack away your sunscreen with your bathing suits in the winter, you may want to reconsider.
And even though she's finally set to pack away the books next June and graduate she insists it won't mean slacking off.
While it's not time to pack away our sunnies just yet, Ms Lowe did warn of thundery downpours today.
com)-- Indianapolis, Indiana-Dialing Innovations hosted a two-hour volunteer event to pack thousands of meals for the hungry through a partnership with local non-for-profit organization Pack Away Hunger.
All components pack away into the base for storage.
com NO need to kneel down by the river to sort out your smalls, just pack away the world's first pocket sized washing machine.
She tries to pack away the nursery, but finds herself overcome with emotion, so she decides to find a few distractions - one of which happens to be Lucas.
Keeping the daily essentials, pack away the rest so shelves look clear.
I'd rather mix concrete for a week with blistered hands than pack away pictures and wash cupboards.
Pythons have been know to pack away a whole antelope or crocodile