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pace something

1. Lit. to measure a distance by counting the number of even strides taken while walking. He paced the distance out and wrote it down. He paced out the distance from the door to the mailbox.
2. Fig. to deal with a problem by pacing around. When she was upset, she walked and walked while she thought through her problem. When Ed came into the room, she was pacing a new crisis out. She usually paced out her anxiety.

pace something

off to mark off a distance by counting the number of even strides taken while walking. The farmer paced a few yards off and pounded a stake into the soil. He paced off a few yards.

pace (oneself)

To move or make progress at a sensible or moderate rate.
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Pacing has been seen at other zoos, and some observers have reported seeing wild polar bears pace near food sources.
It is critical to protect patients from electromagnetic fields that could contribute to a loss of pacing therapy.
The convenience of automaticity coupled with its physiologic pacing capabilities will bring to bear significant benefits for physicians and the more than 900,000 patients worldwide who receive a pacemaker each year.
AAIsafeR is the only mode currently available that manages all types of heart blocks by delivering right ventricular pacing (DDD) only when needed.
Fewer deaths of patients who received biventricular pacing (versus right ventricular pacing) during the trial.
Since the advent of pacing technology more than 50 years ago, leads typically have been designed to be placed in the apex of the right ventricle or right atrial appendage.
The new pacemaker systems also incorporate an array of automatic features designed to help physicians improve pacing therapy and streamline the patient follow-up process, potentially minimizing the amount of time spent in a physician's office.
By applying recent scientific research, Medtronic is providing physicians with tools to help them tailor patient therapy so that patients only receive pacing therapy when and where necessary," said Steve Mahle, president of Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Management.
ELA Medical's first-generation AAIsafeR pacing technology was launched in its Symphony pacing systems in September 2003 in Europe.
The AVAIL CLS/CRT study is unique in that it not only evaluates the benefits and improvements in quality of life with an advanced BiV pacemaker (Stratos LV), but also promises to demonstrate the advantages of physiologic rate-adaptive pacing utilizing a modified configuration of a conventional pacemaker (Protos DR/CLS).
The INTRINSIC RV study is designed to bring forth scientific evidence of just how successful this feature is at minimizing unnecessary right ventricular pacing while preserving all of the benefits of dual chamber diagnosis and therapy.
Negative AV/PV Hysteresis and DDT/R Modes Trigger designed to ensure BiV pacing.
Recent clinical studies have shown that excessive ventricular pacing may be harmful to some patients, possibly leading to heart failure.
Jude Medical Frontier(TM) biventricular pacing system consists of the Frontier(TM) biventricular pacing device and the Aescula(TM) left-ventricular lead, which has been uniquely engineered to resist dislodgement while optimizing capture and sensing thresholds.
New devices offer MVP(TM) pacing mode to automatically minimize