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pace something

1. Lit. to measure a distance by counting the number of even strides taken while walking. He paced the distance out and wrote it down. He paced out the distance from the door to the mailbox.
2. Fig. to deal with a problem by pacing around. When she was upset, she walked and walked while she thought through her problem. When Ed came into the room, she was pacing a new crisis out. She usually paced out her anxiety.

pace something

off to mark off a distance by counting the number of even strides taken while walking. The farmer paced a few yards off and pounded a stake into the soil. He paced off a few yards.

pace (oneself)

To move or make progress at a sensible or moderate rate.
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8 percent for the month to a seasonally adjusted pace of 361,000 units.
Combined, however, Pace has managed to create a solution with the best standard practices across the board.
At around 88% of VO2max or 90% of MHR, this pace provides quality training with limited stress.
While the PACE model has been successful in every market it has occupied thus far, two PACE sites--Total Long-term Care (TLC) in Denver, Colorado, and Alexian Brothers Community Service (ABCS) in Chattanooga, Tennessee--were chosen because of their exceptional success in growing enrollment.
I'm a huge fan of PACE, which I think is a great program for elderly people," says CMS Administrator Tom Scully.
2--BULLDOG only) Polar bears Chinook, front, and Shakari take a dip at the San Diego Zoo, where they are encouraged to swim, not pace.
Pace has one of the world's most experienced specialist engineering teams and is the partner of choice for leading payTV operators across the globe, including Comcast, DirecTV, BSkyB, FOXTEL, Premiere, Sky Italia and UPC (part of Liberty Global).
Even on a calm day, you may want to adjust your pace in order to run in a group.
Family caregivers whose family members were enrolled in PACE were less likely to express concerns about being replaced or their loved ones losing their individual identities.
The typical PACE member is one nursing home and assisted living staff will recognize instantly--an 80-something widow who takes multiple medications and has a host of medical problems, including dementia.
With David Pace's vision and Pace Foods' leadership in the Mexican Sauce category - which today boasts nearly $800 million in sales - the "Pace" brand fueled the rise of salsa and picante sauce to become the true king of condiments, outselling ketchup in the U.
The PACE model of care was created in the early 1970s in an effort to help the Chinese-American community in San Francisco care for its elders in community settings.
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Editor's Note: For a summary of the basic principles of the PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly) model, please see the May 2000 issue of Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management.
Pace is the key to winning a race or producing personal records.