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Owning her weakness, Her evil behavior, And leaving, with meekness, Her sins to her Saviour!
Anyone owning real estate on which china clay can be discovered strikes a sort of gold mine.
You are not ashamed of owning me as yours before them
Catherine found that John Thorpe had given the message; and Miss Tilney had no scruple in owning herself greatly surprised by it.
Personal rights, universally the same, demand a government framed on the ratio of the census; property demands a government framed on the ratio of owners and of owning.
All saw that the King's archers were fairly beaten, and stout Gilbert clapped his palm to Robin's, owning that he could never hope to draw such a bowstring as Robin Hood or Little John.
You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her?
Twenty years have now passed since I made the first humble effort at Tuskegee, in a broken-down shanty and an old hen-house, without owning a dollar's worth of property, and with but one teacher and thirty students.
Seal, with the self-conscious guilt of a child owning some fault to its elders.
Wherever they tried to corner a worked-out creek, they found him standing in the way, owning blocks of claims or artfully scattered claims that put all their plans to naught.
Essco is treated as owning all the stock of Zeno and can elect to treat Zeno as a QSub.
And in this example of owning the learning, Michael synthesizes one of the major readings from the course, links it to his own learning, and then articulates a new philosophy toward learning that he has adopted as a result of the self-assessment process:</p> <pre> In my midterm assessment I looked at this class in terms of feeling comfortable taking ownership in my own learning, and using that comfort to push myself further.