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If you have a passion for owning your own business, Express Personnel Services has a passion for helping you succeed.
Because the ownership and operation functions are bundled under the paired structure through the pairing of the REIT and the non-REIT corporation, shareholders come as close as possible to actually owning real estate.
taxpayer owning the requisite section 902(a) interest in a foreign corporation through a pass-through entity must carry this burden.(7) To require more would undercut the congressional purpose in enacting the indirect credit -- to prevent double taxation.
I was bold enough to try to change things and came up with a program called "From Slaveship to Ownership." It is time that we started owning what we create.
Some foreign governments, besides owning banks that operate in the United States, also own companies that engage in extensive nonbanking activities.
Let's forget that owning a home increases the owner's net worth.
persons owning stock--even one share--of a PFIC may be subject to tax at top marginal rates, plus an interest charge, on certain distributions on, and dispositions of, PFIC stock.
While owning a substantial amount of any stock should not be a problem, the "opportunity cost" of maintaining a portfolio concentrated in a single stock - what you forgo by letting the funds remain undiversified - must be considered.
[subsection] 1.1502-13T and 1.1502-14T); (b) more focused anti-dividend-stripping rules that eliminate the harsh consequences of the previous rules when an owning member continues to own stock of a former subsidiary member (Treas, Reg.
person directly, indirectly or constructively owning 10% or more of the voting power of a CFC's stock (U.S.
This latest FCC vote might now eliminate the restrictions of any one broadcaster from owning more than eight radio stations in larger markets and five in smaller markets.
FP is treated as directly owning B's $1,000 of operating assets and $450 of working capital, as well as directly receiving B's $200 of active income and $25 of investment income.
Adoption of the NMSDC proposal would be a disaster for black business development because it blurs the line between owning a company and merely having an ownership stake in it.
person or another foreign corporation owning at least five percent in value of the foreign corporation's stock.