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606: A 1,334-SF unit owned by Roger Chinn and Janis Harrison.
3: Wilayat Bausher Race For Thoroughbred Horses 1600m First Manu owned by Saoud bin Abdullah Al Balushi and ridden by Hamid bin Darwish Al Balushi, second Rue Mazarine owned by Abdullah bin Rashid Al Awaisi ridden by Hosni bin Mubarak Al Hajri, third Lucky Jules owned by Sayed/Mundhir bin Saif Al Busaidi and ridden by Ibrahim bin Khamis Al Muqbali.
381-10, X, Y and Z will each be deemed to have owned their six distributed shares from June 1, 2006 forward.
Or even that a commonly owned newspaper and television station in the same market create a single "voice.
Cintas Acuario, owned by Pedro Rivera, an immigrant from Sonora, has built a music empire on narcocorridos.
Those numbers represent businesses owned 51% or more by women.
About 55 percent of male-owned firms reported using such credit services, compared with about 50 percent of female-owned firms; and less than 40 percent of black-owned firms reported such use, compared with about 45-55 percent of firms owned by other minority groups and 55 percent of white-owned firms.
Tech News Agency had been owned by Cliff's brother Norm, who is now in the general insurance business in Kirkland Lake.
In addition to being 100% owned by an S corporation, a QSub must be a domestic corporation that otherwise meets the basic S corporation requirements; i.
Businesses owned by people of color are growing four times faster than the national average.
Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as "a juicy little time bomb of a book," a new book finds that New York City's 40-year pioneering partnership with private developers and owners for the provision of "privately owned public space" -- public plazas, arcades, and indoor spaces on private property -- has shortchanged the public in significant ways.
As requested, I will focus my remarks on title II, which concerns the activities in the United States of foreign banks that are owned or controlled by foreign governments.
The latest data from the Small Business Administration confirm the strong growth trend for small businesses owned by women.