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607: A 1,338-SF unit owned by River Market Tower LLC.
4: Wilayat Al Amerat Race For Pure Arabian Horses 1600m First Bin Sur owned by Hassan bin Yusuf Al Balushi ridden by Mohammed bin Juma Al Balushi, second Haifeen owned by Ahmed bin Hamood Al Nahdi ridden by Anas bin Salim Al Siyabi, third Tofan Bdyah owned by Sultan bin Amer Al Hajri ridden by Saad bin Naqi Al Hajri.
X,Y and Z have each owned 24 shares outright since Jan.
The reason was that almost all of these societies at the time had the choice of only a handful of "public service" television stations, owned or controlled by the government.
Loans from partners or shareholders are not arm's-length transactions, as some portion of the borrowing firm is owned by the lender.
Tech News Agency had been owned by Cliff's brother Norm, who is now in the general insurance business in Kirkland Lake.
A QSub's assets, liabilities and items of income, deduction and credit are treated as owned by the parent S corporation; see Sec.
Businesses owned by people of color are growing four times faster than the national average.
Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as "a juicy little time bomb of a book," a new book finds that New York City's 40-year pioneering partnership with private developers and owners for the provision of "privately owned public space" -- public plazas, arcades, and indoor spaces on private property -- has shortchanged the public in significant ways.
As requested, I will focus my remarks on title II, which concerns the activities in the United States of foreign banks that are owned or controlled by foreign governments.
The latest data from the Small Business Administration confirm the strong growth trend for small businesses owned by women.
This includes 44 wholly owned properties with an aggregate of 6,013 rooms and nine hotels in joint ventures totaling 1,192 rooms.
Among prime candidates for sale or renegotiation are many properties owned by the California Department of Transportation, including a nine-hole Oakland Hills golf course with a two-story driving range, golf shop, bar and restaurant, purchased in the 1950s to create right-of-way for a long-since scrapped highway.
Brown owned Baltimore's only black-owned radio station [WEBB], a station in Atlanta, and one in his home town of Augusta, Georgia.
The office buildings that Craven manages directly are: 100 Broadway in Manhattan, owned by Hiro Enterprise USA Inc.