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We were initially overwhelmed by the level of articulateness that we discovered, but then we realized that the power of this process lay in the ability of the students to use their own words and voices to articulate their learning and their understanding of praxis.
How could I dismiss the religions of my new friends, with their own histories, traditions, and rituals, so easily?
No one has criticized newspapers for running their own content-creation businesses, even though they could rely on freelancers and independent contractors.
Liherman Broadcasting, owned by a family front Veracruz, owns six radio stations and a television station here.
First he consciously starts to police his own bad habits -- like cussing and sopping cornbread in his coffee (5)--in order that Mingo doesn't pi ck them up.
Observation: If Quiggley owns 50% of Zeno, and Essco owns the other 50%, Essco is deemed the owner of all the Zeno stock and can elect to treat Zeno as a QSub.
Jaffe was a brand manager in the film industry before striking out on her own.
Summarizing, for example, provides students with opportunity to impose an organization on a reading and put the ideas from the reading in their own words (e.
Therefore, when Paul in the letter to the Romans speaks about the love of God being poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us, he is speaking of God's reality breaking through to the inmost chamber of our own reality.
Aaron's Rent-To-Own(R) produces its own line of furniture and offers a unique 12-month rent-to-own program, which provides a competitive advantage over the industry standard of 18 to 24 months payout.
A foreign government is deemed to own or control a bank if it directly or indirectly owns 25 percent or more of the bank's voting shares or otherwise controls the bank.
29/09/2008 14:29 DGE Diageo PLC Transaction in Own Shares
86-272 does not provide guidance as to whether delivery by a company in its own vehicles will comprise a protected activity under Federal law.
It does not make sense to me that the state's taxpayers own the L.
If he recommends no restrictions, then it will result in a free-for-all that allows any company with enough money to buy and own any number of radio stations in any given market.