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owe (one) a debt of gratitude

To be extremely thankful or grateful to one for something one did. I owe my parents a debt of gratitude for all their support over the years. Without them, there's no way I could have gotten where I am today. She really went above and beyond to help me get set up in this city, so I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.
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owe (one) one

To be indebted to one for something they did. Thanks for not ratting me out to the boss about being late this morning—I owe you one! OK, you can borrow my car, but you owe me one!
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owe (something) to (someone or something)

1. To be obliged to give or pay something back to someone or something else. I owe a new bike to David because I got his run over by a street cleaner. We owe about $1,500 to the bank for the loan we used to pay for our wedding.
2. To attribute one's possession or acquisition of something to someone or something else. I truly owe my happiness to you—I love you so much. The country owes its wealth and global influence to the vast mineral reserves buried in its hills.
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owe a debt of gratitude to (someone)

To be extremely thankful or grateful to one for something one did. I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents for all their support over the years. Without them, there's no way I could have gotten where I am today. She really went above and beyond to help me get set up in this city, so I owe a huge debt of gratitude to her.
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owe it to (someone or oneself) to (do something)

To have an obligation or duty to do something for the sake of someone or oneself. We owe it to our parents to look after them as they get older. You need to stop worrying about work—you owe it to yourself to enjoy the weekends with your family.
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pound of flesh

A debt or punishment, especially a cruel or unreasonable one, that is harshly insisted upon. An allusion to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, in which the moneylender Shylock demands he be paid the pound of flesh promised as collateral for a loan. The victim of the incident, while only sustaining superficial injuries, is demanding his pound of flesh from the nightclub owner following the court ruling. Be very careful about taking out loans that you can't repay right away, or you will have collectors coming after you for a pound of flesh.
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think the world owes (one) a living

To believe that one is entitled to financial wellbeing or a comfortable life without having to work for it. Our parents worked every day of their lives to give us a better, more comfortable life, so it isn't a complete surprise that kids of my generation grew up thinking the world owes them a living.
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I owe you one.

Inf. Thank you, now I owe you a favor.; I owe you something similar in return. Bob: I put the extra copy of the book on your desk. Sue: Thanks, I owe you one. Bill: Let me pay for your drink. Bob: Thanks a lot, I owe you one.
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owe someone a debt of gratitude

a large amount of thanks owed to someone who deserves gratitude. (Actually payment of the debt is owed.) We owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us.
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owe something (to someone) (for something)

to be under obligation to pay or repay someone for something. I owe forty dollars to Ann for the dinner. I owe money for the gift to Ann. I still owe money for the gift. Do you still owe money to Ann?

*pound of flesh

Fig. a payment or punishment that involves suffering and sacrifice on the part of the person being punished. (*Typically: give someone ~; owe someone ~; pay someone ~; take ~.) He wants revenge. He won't be satisfied until he takes his pound of flesh.
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pound of flesh

A debt whose payment is harshly insisted on, as in The other members of the cartel all want their pound of flesh from Brazil. This expression alludes to the scene in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (4:1) where the moneylender Shylock demands the pound of flesh promised him in payment for a loan, and Portia responds that he may have it but without an ounce of blood (since blood was not promised). [c. 1600]
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think something/someone owes you a living

If someone thinks someone or something owes them a living, they think that person or thing should give them the money they need to live. Nobody owes you a living — you need to work hard for yourself. He was given everything, and grew up thinking the world owes him a living.

owe someone one

If you owe someone one, you feel very grateful to them for something they have done for you. `I've got the engine going again.' `Thanks, mate — I owe you one!'
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owe someone one

feel indebted to someone. informal
1990 Paul Auster The Music of Chance ‘I guess I owe you one,’ Floyd said, patting Nashe's back in an awkward show of gratitude.
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someone or something owes you a living

used to express disapproval of someone who expects to receive financial support or other benefits without doing any work.

(think) the world ˌowes you a ˈliving

(disapproving) (think that) society is responsible for doing everything for you and you should not have to make any effort yourself: Why don’t you go out and get a job? The world doesn’t owe you a living, you know.
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owe to

1. To be in debt by some amount to someone: I owe $100 to my brother.
2. To have something because of something or someone else: The family owed its wealth to oil. I owe my rosy complexion to my mother.
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Assuming it's not and that they split the cost of the mortgage interest and their real estate taxes, Larry owes $13,801.50 as an individual; Arthur owes $9,751.50.
Personal debt has shot up by 38 per cent in the last two years and many of those who already owe money are expecting to borrow yet more in 2016."
Ironically, the 1.2 million square-foot building at 100 Church, which houses the Corporation Counsel, among other tenants, owes $3,021,615.
A Labour spokesman said: "We would have no record of what individual's catering arrangements would be." And a Fine Gael spokeswoman said: "We don't have the names of politicians who owe money to the Dail restaurant."
This only means that the firm you owe has changed but the amount you owe remains the same.
You cannot be forced to pay any amount greater than the debt you owe (outside of late penalties and interest), unless allowed by law.
The Grace Building, the Marriott Financial Center at 80 West Street, Five Hanover Square (aka 66 Beaver Street) and 107 North Moore Street are on the list because the city owes these buildings the money in certiorari settlements and the debits and credits have not yet cancelled each other out.
Together, the properties owe the city nearly $37 million in real estate taxes dating back as far as 1988.
According the documents K-Electric owes the highest amount of the Sui companies outstanding dues which is Rs 90.078 billion to SSGC, which includes Rs 29.652 billion principal amount and Rs 60.436 was interest, said the documents.
Huang Juo-ku, the son of late business tycoon Huang Jen-chung, spearheads the list of indebted individuals with a tax balance of NT$1.876 billion followed by his sister Huang Hsin-ping, who owes NT$1.224 billion, and his other sister Huang Yan-ping, who owes NT$162 million, reported CNA.
Aventa, which itself owes more than PS2.4m, is also subject to a CVA, with creditors due to be repaid in full by 2024.
The committee has briefed that Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) owes Rs.
"The government owes the EWA BD8.5m and there has been an agreement with the Finance Ministry to settle it through book transfers, while BD23.3m is owed through committed instalments by a number of late payers," he said.
Latest scores in the Huddersfield |Open Snooker League are: Broad Oak BC B 1 Crosland Moor Con A 3: Johnny Lendon (20) 93 Jason McMahon (owes 30) 46, Anthony Haigh (16) 43 Kieran O'Prey (9) 64, Ryan Waterworth (8) 25 Mark Atkinson (owes 2) 39, Martin Burgess (13) 53 Gary Doughty (owes 16) 67.
Swiftsure owes Gordon Ramsay PS347, believed to be appearance money.