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Chinese overtime

Overtime pay which is calculated at less than an employee's normal hourly rate (usually one-half), rather than one-and-a-half times it, as is usually paid in traditional overtime arrangements. It is a potentially derogatory term, so discretion is advised. Overall, I love having the flexibility to work the hours that I see fit; the only downside is that I only get Chinese overtime when I have to put in more time for a project than usual.
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be working overtime

1. To be working more hours at one's job than one is scheduled or required to do. I've been working overtime all week to get this project done by the deadline.
2. To be putting forth a lot of effort to do or accomplish something. Everyone's air conditioners have been working overtime during this heat wave. Mom has been working overtime to get more signatures on her petition for the city council.
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be working overtime

If someone or something is working overtime, they are working very hard in order to achieve something. The team had been working overtime to improve the party's image. People need more sleep when their immune mechanisms are working overtime to fight off infections. Note: The literal meaning of this expression is that someone is spending extra time doing the job that they are employed to do.
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be working ˈovertime

(informal) be very active or too active: There was nothing to worry about. It was just her imagination working overtime.
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Overtime work and the crowding-out of non-work-time activities
Overtime, and in particular forced overtime without advanced notice, is a challenge to working families.
The fifth overtime produced more of the same as Lorion scored from a yard out, but the conversion rush was stopped.
Finally, something gave in the sixth overtime period.
The Bobcats got one basket after another in the overtime periods running the same play for Raymond Felton and Emeka Okafor.
Felton missed a potential winning 3-pointer for the Bobcats at the end of the first overtime and a runner in the lane with 2.
Malone chewed out Kersey after he fouled out in the second overtime.
The Stars did a better job than the Red Wings of forcing Giguere to scramble, but he came on strong in overtime, saving all 40 shots he faced after stopping 20 of 23 in the first three periods.
It was the Clippers 11th overtime game of the season and only second win past regulation.
Asked if coaches regret the overtime rule, Price said, ``Besides myself?
The last six teams with a chance to win the cup in overtime have done so.
However, in the last minute of the second overtime he was nabbed on a five-second call while setting the offense.
Injured quarterback Brad Otton threw a 5-yard pass to Rodney Sermons in overtime, then the Trojans held Notre Dame on four plays.
It was the Ducks' fourth overtime victory in these playoffs, and they have won all six of their games by a single goal.