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much ink has been spilled

People have written a vast amount (about a certain topic). Typically followed by "on/over/about (something)." Following the scandal, much ink has been spilled about the country's history in dealing with corporate crime. Although much ink has been spilled on the topic, there has sadly been little action at a legislative level.
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over (someone or something)

1. Having accepted, moved on from, or come to terms with something, especially a romantic relationship, that has failed or ended badly. John and Amy broke up nearly a month ago, but I don't think he's over her yet. Failing my driving test like that really bummed me out, but I'm over it now.
2. No longer experiencing strong emotions about someone or something; no longer enthusiastic about someone or something. I was way into comics when I was a kid, but I was pretty much over them by high school.
3. Annoyed or frustrated by someone or something to the point of wanting to no longer deal with or encounter them or it. I'm over it—she can get someone else to make five dozen cupcakes to her exacting standards. It's only been two days, and I'm seriously over this construction project. Everyone thinks Jack's boyfriend is so hilarious, but I'm so over him and his annoying jokes.
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*over (with)

finished; concluded. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I hope this thing gets over with pretty soon. When will the lecture get over?
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Both Overing and Horner are right in their claims that Wealhtheow's speeches bring little change to Heorot's political situation.
First is that they are viewed as threat to the health and well-being of the nation-state or, on the contrary, 'the displaced' themselves are understood to be at threat from the powers that be (Rapport and Overing, 20007: 198).
Men fish and hunt, and both men and women collect wild fruits (Overing 1975; Mansutti 1990).
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But which coach worth his salt, unless he was desperate for work, would take the England post at present with Andrew h overing?"
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A DRINK and drug addict attacked his long-term partner because she woke him up ho overing in the afternoon.
In this essay I will contribute to ongoing academic conversations (Butler 1993; Cohen 1994; Rapport and Overing 2000; Rosaldo 1984; Taylor 1985; Sahlins 1985; Parkin 1982; Volosinov 1986 [1973]) on the relationship between social structure and individual agency by discussing Muinane people's (1) discursive and ritual practices concerning their own subjectivity in general, and certain institutionalized forms of relationships in particular.
It instructs the child, or rather, places an ideological burden upon her, while oVering a strategic recompense for the adult's historical sense of loss.