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overflow into something

to spill over into something. The river overflowed into the surrounding farmland. The water in the bowl overflowed into the sink.
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overflow with someone or something

to have so much or so many people or things that they spill over. The kitchen overflowed with the guests. My cup overflowed with coffee and spilled on the counter.
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overflow with

1. To be filled beyond capacity with something: Their mugs overflowed with beer.
2. To have a boundless supply of something: The hospital room overflowed with flowers. Our wonderful hosts were overflowing with generosity to us.
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The 115 million cubic metres capacity dam first overflowed in 2004, 16 years after its construction.
The suit alleges that more than 500 million gallons of raw sewage overflowed into those waterways in violation of the Clean Water Act from Jan.
It is up to you to prove the tank overflowed due to negligence.
Polis Chrysochous Mayor Angelos Odysseos yesterday said he was pleased it eventually overflowed without problems.
As in Switzerland, rivers overflowed their banks also in Germany and Austria, causing extensive damage in Bavaria and several western Austrian provinces.
Rey, 40, suffered a heart attack in March, a month after a city storm drain on Metrolink property overflowed, leaving his Katherine Street home inches deep in mud.
A total of six reservoirs have overflowed in the last two weeks including the second largest dam on the island, Asprokremmos, along with Kannaviou, Arminou, Argakas and Pomos, all in Paphos, and Xyliatos in Nicosia.
The reservoir has the capacity to hold over 17 million cubic metres of water, and this was only the second time since it was built in 2006, that the dam has overflowed, according to Water Development Department District Engineer Vasos Socratous.
MOORPARK - Partially treated sewage overflowed from a pond at the Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant on Sunday and Monday when an operator failed to open valves that move the wastewater from one container to the next, according to Reddy Pakala, plant engineer.
Three other reservoirs in Paphos -- Pomos, Argaka and Arminou -- had overflowed in recent days, as did Xyliatou, and Pomos along with another two larger reservoirs that of Tamassos and Klirou in the Nicosia district.
The tank at a trailer park adjacent to Paradise Cove overflowed into Ramirez Creek, which drains into the ocean, said Department of Health Services spokeswoman Vivian Rosenberg.
ARGAKAS reservoir in Paphos overflowed on Sunday afternoon due to the recent heavy rainfall with Pomos predicted to follow suit, according to the Water Development Department's head Kyriacos Kyrou.