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overflow into

To be so full that the contents of something spill into something else. The drainage ditch behind our house overflowed into our back yard after that huge rainstorm. The waiter wasn't paying attention when he was pouring my drink, and it started overflowing into my plate of food.
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overflow with

1. To be so filled with something that the contents spill out over the edge of the container. The river overflowed with water during the rainstorm. Why would they serve you a bowl overflowing with soup? That's just impractical!
2. To have an abundance of something, especially an emotion or characteristic, such that it seems like someone or something can't contain it. She was overflowing with excitement on the morning of her performance. My inbox has been overflowing with congratulations following the premiere of our film.
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overflow into something

to spill over into something. The river overflowed into the surrounding farmland. The water in the bowl overflowed into the sink.
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overflow with someone or something

to have so much or so many people or things that they spill over. The kitchen overflowed with the guests. My cup overflowed with coffee and spilled on the counter.
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overflow with

1. To be filled beyond capacity with something: Their mugs overflowed with beer.
2. To have a boundless supply of something: The hospital room overflowed with flowers. Our wonderful hosts were overflowing with generosity to us.
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Evretou overflowed late on Thursday night, prompting crowds of locals to gather around and observe the natural beauty.
Late on Thursday, Asprokremmos - the island's second largest dam, overflowed for the first time in seven years.
Water levels at Asprokremmos -- the island's second largest reservoir - and Kannaviou also in Paphos are also extremely high, and just last week Xyliatos and Klirou reservoirs in Nicosia district also overflowed.
The Argakas dam has a capacity of just 990,000 cubic metres and overflowed last March.
Wadi Al Teeb, Wadi Bani Ghafer, Wadi Hani, Wadi Bani Ouf, Wadi Al Sahtan, in Rustaq - Southern Al Batinah have also overflowed. Wadi Al Khoudh, Wadi Al Ais, and Wadi Ghoul In Al Hamra.
Kalavassos reservoir overflowed on Friday morning, the eleventh to do so this year.
Another two reservoirs of the project, Germasoyia and Polemidia, overflowed earlier this month.
Lee, "Performance analysis and overflowed traffic characterization in multiservice hierarchical wireless networks," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol.
In an hour the level of the river Kamchiya in Smyadovo has increased by two meters, the reservoir in Aleksandrovo is overflowing, and the reservoir in Kulnovo has overflowed with 80 centimeters.
In 2007, water overflowed from a toilet in a business suite on the third floor of the building in which Cardio rented a suite on the first floor.
After last month's snowfall, for example, a local sewage pumping station lost power for three hours, so sewage backed up in a line and a small amount of sewage overflowed from a manhole in south Eugene, she said.