overflow into

overflow into something

to spill over into something. The river overflowed into the surrounding farmland. The water in the bowl overflowed into the sink.
See also: overflow
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If there was a blockage in the pipes or sewer system, then the pipes leading to the drain would be filled and any additional water would overflow into, and eventually out of, the toilet--which is exactly what happened.
WORCESTER - Public works officials say a sewage overflow into Lake Quinsigamond last Friday has been attributed to a blockage that was caused by gravel that got into a sanitary sewer line in the Belmont Street area.
They prevent the sewerage system flooding in heavy rain by allowing diluted waste to overflow into rivers and streams through a filter to stop anything solid.
Faced with outrage over massive sewer spills last month, Los Angeles officials plan to speed up replacement of an aging sewer line and divert future overflow into the storm drains as an interim measure.
The extra data can overflow into adjacent buffers, corrupting or rewriting the data contained within.