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overflow into something

to spill over into something. The river overflowed into the surrounding farmland. The water in the bowl overflowed into the sink.
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overflow with someone or something

to have so much or so many people or things that they spill over. The kitchen overflowed with the guests. My cup overflowed with coffee and spilled on the counter.
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overflow with

1. To be filled beyond capacity with something: Their mugs overflowed with beer.
2. To have a boundless supply of something: The hospital room overflowed with flowers. Our wonderful hosts were overflowing with generosity to us.
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Stack Overflow Careers, which launched in 2011 is the leading professional resource for programmers to find jobs and explore career opportunities.
The policy specifically excludes water that overflows from sumps, sump pumps, or related equipment or water that backs-up through sewers or drains.
The commissioner said while the city strives to eliminate all sanitary sewer overflows, such events are not completely unavoidable in a city like Worcester which has some 660 miles of sewers
We haven't had any overflows at the plant," Cahill said.
The Transvalor software uses many more elements (up to 500,000) to create the simulation, which involves longer calculation time, so it is quicker and easier to get an estimate of gate location, nozzle design and overflow valve positioning with MPI first.
The wastewater treatment industry argues that bypassing biological treatment for a portion of the water is a significant improvement over releasing completely untreated wastewater, which is what happens when combined sewers overflow.
Improving the sewer overflow and putting screens in place will help to protect the river from pollution such as rags and paper that could get into the river during storm conditions.
John Boehner, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, that the overflow of money does not mean NCLB is adequately traded.
The company has put in the first solar-powered storm water overflow system in the UK at Gelligaled Park in Ystrad in the Rhondda Valley.
Your lawyer could argue tanks do not overflow without negligence.
Data-Tel's California Compliance/Overflow Agent module accomplishes this by providing an option for calls that might otherwise be abandoned to be re-routed to designated Overflow Agents.
With the bareness of the materials, their rough finish, and their haphazard installation, the artist evoked the overflow between art and life, so it made sense to find his work not in some rarefied atmosphere, but in a window on a busy downtown street in Rio de Janeiro.
In the next design change, the central overflow was rotated so that the inlet to the overflow was directly across from the ingate.
The system uses a fluid detection device as a sensor that can be mounted in the invert of the overflow on a stainless steel bracket or positioned in various planes at the lowest point of spill.
x = distance between outer edge of part and inner edge of overflow.